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Collection by: Sharktits
Connor says download
Collection by: Risky
Star Wars! (L4D2)
Collection by: Dbag Chase
A set of Star Wars mods that I personally think are awesome :D This collection features changes to the Tank and some music. Along with blaster effects and re-skins of surivors and CI.
tom joyce
Collection by: Tom Joyce
Zoners LFD2 Mod Collection
Collection by: Zoner Roamer
Mods I am currrently using.
How To Make Left 4 Dead So Much Better
Collection by: Xzandudex
it just makes the game so much more fun
Collection by: Level 300 Mudkip
For You Connor
Collection by: Gallahadnt
For my friend
Kingdom Hearts
Collection by: サイトウ
Kingdom hearts and stuff for L4D
JazzHandz's Collection of fun
Collection by: JazzHandz
The mods i have installed that you should too to have a fun time.
Tomb Raider
Collection by: KinTayLor
These soundtrack are extracted from Tomb Raider. They are used to replace the original soundtrack for L4D2
New collection
Collection by: Marcus Crassus
L4D2 On LSD (HD!)
Collection by: mvhsowa
You are going to have one hell of a time playing Left for Dead! Mods will be added as they are discovered! Enjoy.
Collection by: Cyber Drive (BLR)
Fun Stuff for L4D and L4D2
Collection by: Zombie
Random stuff I've found that make L4D & L4D2 more interesting/enjoyable
Collection by: Just call me Bear
Collection by: Dethwish
dat seem sale
LOLrReD's L4D2
Collection by: LOLrReD
The mods I play L4D2 with
레프트4데드 2
Collection by: 인생은 짜를를룽
Nightwing's Mods
Collection by: Ɲiɠɦϯωiɳɠ
Welcome to my collection! These are random mods I have created over the last few months! I hope you enjoy them! This collection includes/will include: Jukebox mods Flashlight mods Gun camo mods Survivor replacements Melee weapon replacements
Collection by: trollix7000
Much stuff
Collection by: Fridge Ghost
Makka Pakka my ass
The Complete Mass Effect Collection
Collection by: F33R_K1LL5
As close as we'll get to Dead 4 Effect (...or whatever, lol)! I used Titanfall weapons for most guns, because, well, they look a whole lot better than the vanilla versions. The Energy Sword is as close as we are to the Omniblade. I also took into ac...
Me and my friends
Collection by: Pandawesome [MCH3]
This is for me and my best friends to use for private games Idc if you use
Cookie's Collection
Collection by: Sir.NOMNOMalot
My L4D2 add-ons.
Left 4 Dead 2 Stuff
Collection by: 『SIR』Little_Guts
Left 4 dead stuff
L4D2 Campaigns
Collection by: Korgi
Seamlink´s Set of Best Weapons [LIGHT WEIGHT]
Collection by: Seamlink
WEAPONS ONLY! Full MEGA Collection >>> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=252111432 Spanish//////////// Esta Colección va dedicada a los admins que obsequié Left 4 dead 2, esta coleccion incluye solamente armas, si tu internet ...
[L4d2] Paskal Girl
Collection by: BlackHeart
Ultimate Helms Deep Collection
Collection by: Dessal
Collection of the best mods to use with the Helms Deep Reborn map. Some of these mods can cause consistency errors, so make sure to disable them when you want to play vanilla Left 4 Dead 2 online.
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