Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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craft 4 dead
Collection by: [GRA] Towerlight
a series of minecraft skins and maps that will allow you to play left 4 dead with a minecraft twist credit to the mods original creators
Left4Dead Mods
Collection by: Samurai Saname
Fun mods and what not
Tropezator's custom single player
Collection by: Tropezator
mod selection for single play, should be compatible with multi.
Collection by: 國道公路警察局第一隊
some jiberish thing
Collection by: agares
SkeyZ's Gun Sounds
Collection by: ♠SkeyZ♠
Weapons sounds made by SkeyZ
my addons to redownload
Collection by: 310 Oni
i can redownload these later
LOL4D2: Silly Mods for L4D2
Collection by: LMRegulus
Just a few silly mods that I personally liked and wanted to share. I hope you like, and if you don't, why are you still here?
Luke get this
Collection by: ZambieBite
Do You Even Mod 2.0
Collection by: RayOfShadows
Only true beauty is known when you fight a horde of teletubbies as a velociraptor with Osama Bin Laden crying in the background.
Collection by: [ORE] Chaos
minecraft all in
Collection by: *A-H* picarica456
its minecraft all minecraft
Hate mnts
Collection by: ShamSamarah
Captain Condescending's Ultimate Mod Pack
Collection by: Captain Condescending
Collection of retextures, maps, scripts and general modifications to make L4D2 as good as it can be. All Items work together. Any reported conflicts do not affect gameplay. Works best with "Mr Funeral's Particle Mod" from L4Dmaps.com. There are als...
Minecraft stuff
Collection by: Thedog487
HERE... HAVE SOME MINECRAFT STUFF (None of the addons are made by me)
loopy doopy collection
Collection by: .L
A collection for me and friends to play stuff on/with.. so frag off peeps
Left 4 Dead Gameplay Enhancer
Collection by: [ZG] CrashDummy
Just a few addons that I use and it makes playing L4D much more fun.
My Good Campaigns
Collection by: SP4RT4N029
Collection by: Xrushers
Collection by: Symonstr
Collection by: Symonstr
tron guns
Top's LFD2 Frenzy Collection
Collection by: top2266
A collection of insane mods that I plan to share with friends.
Rocking_Star101 Private Collection - Other Mods
Collection by: Rocking_Star101
This is a private collection of all my Other L4D2 Mods that I've subscribed to (downloaded). ALL Mods in this collection are works of their respective Authors.
For Molly
Collection by: Tunnelman
Dumb stuff
Collection by: TobyIsMyCatScrotum
eight equals d
Left 4 Dead
Collection by: Crown Clown
Lord of the rings!
Collection by: [PCZ] Swade
Abes tiitys
Collection by: Dirty Knight and the Boys
abe is ghey
L4d2 addons
Collection by: exfighter
Have fun...whoever you are...
Left 4 Dead 2 Fun
Collection by: defischerrocktes
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