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Collection by: SaYo: This Pizza is so F'n Good!
Visual Aids
Collection by: λura
These addons are meant to help make it easier for your to see 1) the zombies in front of you, 2) the health & status of your teammates, and 3) items in your surroundings --the third point, hopefully, being helpful if and when you play realism.
Collection by: cortez
Collection by: jacky971210
Scoot's Collection of L4D2 maps
Collection by: Zac
L4D2 maps for my friends.
Nazraels Modkiste
Collection by: Nazrael
Gute Dinge müssen geteilt werden.
For the Hoiston
Collection by: Smiguel
For u
Kiplands shit
Collection by: Kipland
The Silliness
Collection by: Fat Fronk
Collection by: Albin
the ultimate collection
Awesome mods and stuff
Collection by: Tech
Awesome working mods
L4D2 DarkAMD
Collection by: Manu.wtf ツ
Animated TVs
Collection by: Marf
Replacing the texture on some of the TVs with animated ones
ZWingy's L4D2 Modifcations
Collection by: Zwingy
Neat Stuff
Collection by: Dr. Daedalus
Stuff I like, easier to keep track of everything.
Neat stuff/Weapon feel changes.
Collection by: Dr. Daedalus
Stuff that I liked. Gives the game a different feel, mostly through the weapons.
tehSharkness' Recommended Skins/Models
Collection by: tehSharkness
I tried to only include items I thought were hands-down upgrades to the vanilla experience.
LFD2 Mods
Collection by: chagascruzi
My Guns
Collection by: Gerby
Mijn wapens
tehSharkness' Map Collection
Collection by: tehSharkness
Also contains the Vivid Menu + Mutation mod.
Raptors VS Cats
Collection by: MarurabaATX
The Cats have ravaged humanity to the point of extiction and the Raptors have returned to stop them. There are infants in safe rooms that need to be extracted ASAP. Will you eat the screaming brat for health or protect the innocent from harm and get them ...
penis mcperry
Collection by: 11tyguy
Collection by: ʇooℲ pǝᴚ
Frozen's Left 4 Dead 2 Cool Pack... FOR MAH FRIENDS!
L4D2 Server Pack
Collection by: Jay
This isn't for you.
Left 4 Friends
Collection by: Fez
A bunch of mods that shit on the lore, in a meaningful way. And some that don't.
Sabralot Collect.
Collection by: Sabralot
a collection haha
Collection by: Borderline
Zlad's Special!
Collection by: Maderfaxxer
These mods are the mods im using when im playing Left4Dead2! they are quite good indeed. (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE MODS)
My lil' collection
Collection by: VICEJT<<
just some mods I like
Lobster Dog's Collection of Awesomeness
Collection by: IT'S A MEME YOU DIP
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