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Jim's Collection
Collection by Raven
Just the mods I've decided I enjoy. All credit to their creators. Also, thanks to those creators
Iñaqui Ortega dice
Collection by Iñaqui
This is for my friends.
Collection by Danky Doodler
This is a list of items for my friends to download. Disclaimer: Note i did not create or own these item. Please do not claim i am plagiarizing for the love of pickles forth defranco.
l4d more realistic
Collection by Khan't do it
For mah buddies
L4D2 Stuff - LetsPlayTheWorldTV
Collection by Çliff
Just skins and mods.
Collection by Razputin Aquato
Most Realistic Mod Pack Ever!
Collection by boomchongo
Bored of playing Left 4 Dead the way its meant to be played? Well you are in for a treat! This zany mod pack has some of the most ridiculous mods to be found on the Steam Workshop. Enjoy!
l4d2 mods
Collection by 10-78 Devious1
mods for l4d2
for all my freinds
Collection by N[a]'Vi.MegaJesus.HyperX
this is for my friends
L4D2 Tactical Edition
Collection by Deathlycobra
These are add-ons to try to make your L4D2 expierence more "operator". All the guns I tried for a more military style, along with the characters being more tactical as well. I didn't work on any of these skins and all credit goes to their respective creat...
Left 4 Dead
Collection by roodles
Left 4 Dead
L4D Skins
Collection by Strawberry_Pajamas
L4D2 dotRAVEN mappack
Collection by .Raven
boruq's collection
Collection by B0ruK
L4D2 Fun mod Collection
Collection by RagingMuffin
Collection by Lucky Charmz 7
Left 4 Dead 2 - Mods
Collection by Maunikrip
Alle L4D2 Mods die ich derzeit installiert habe...
Collection by Lord Janus
För Helvete
L4D 2 !!
Collection by Spooked.
My Personal Favorite L4D2 Mods
Collection by somebody to ♥ lean on
Just some nice ones that work amazingly together, no central theme.
l4d improvements
Collection by Jite
Items, skins and scripts that improve l4d or make it cooler!
Lexxys L4D mods
Collection by IDT|Lexxy
Just a set of mods I'm using.
Collection by Kleze
Davidthemerc's Preferred L4D2 Collection
Collection by Davidthemerc
The list of addons, etc that I use when playing Left 4 Dead 2. Recommended to all my friends.
Collection by KillerGamer
Left For Dead 2 Collection
Collection by Snowpwn
I don't own/ haven't created any of these items, I just thought that they needed to be grouped together. Credit goes to the creators. Enjoy!
Niz Collection
Collection by Nizman
It's a collection for James, Kevin, and Blake
Collection by Beard_Of_Jesus
weapons, skins, sounds.
My Addons
Collection by bekkahxbaybee
Kanashrak's Zombie Experience
Collection by Kanashrak
Kick-Ass Mods from random people to make L4D2 that much less repetitive
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