Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Left 4 Dead 2: LOTR Edition
Collection by: Deafoice
Left 4 Dead 2: Lord Of The Rings Edition. A colection that will change mainly all zombie's look, turning them into Uruk Hai. The tank changes into a LOTR Troll, the jockey changes it's sounds for Golum's sounds, and many other changes! I hope you enjo...
Left4Dead2 better graphic
Collection by: PaRaNoiD
Graphics Overhaul
Collection by: FeAR
A collection of mods that improve the look of Left 4 Dead 2.
My special little Dideny Worl.
Collection by: Slaave
Randon models from across multiple games. (Few mods may have to be disabled to work together)
Badass Blades
Collection by: Benja
Badass blades, sweet swords, cool cutlery... Mighty melee misc.!
WerewolfNightmare101's Realistic Apocalypse
Collection by: WerewolfNightmare101
Here is my (WerewolfNightmare101) collection on how I see Left 4 Dead 2 as a realistic apocalypse. This is a collection for skins, sounds and many more... if you wanna download them, go ahead and have fun! Now for the Pickaxe, Drive Hammer and Sledgeha...
Seriously HD/HQ Textures
Collection by: [PFS] Sorce
This Collection Will be updated every once in a while so make sure you come back. You Do not need a high running computer to use these mods, i suggest you have your Texture Quality on High, Shader Quality on Very High, and Do NOT have V-Sync On. This Coll...
Kill La Kill (Music, Wepons, and More)
Collection by: Tis' but a scratch!
A collection of Kill La Kill mods that tries not to break the fourth wall with things like vending machine mods.
Xok's L4D2 Favourites
Collection by: Xoki
Collection of addons that I like or interest me. -------------Other good maps found at L4Dmaps:-------------- Escape From Nowhere Let's Build A Rocket Let's Build 2 Core Let's Build: Deconstruction NOTE: I do not own and I did not create the col...
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