Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Kitty Time
Collection by: Nemesis
Collection by: Monkey Bob
L4D2 Mappack
Collection by: Neo243 King of the North
l4d maps
Collection by: Overkill
good maps
Left 4 Dead 2 Sound Mods
Collection by: Squid Wart
This is a collection of sound mods. There will be more to come.
Collection by: Moregano *Gone til the 3rd*
Mods that make the game super cool
Game Changers
Collection by: Coin of Silence
THIS mod pack gives your game an extreme makeover! NOTES: Some add-ons may conflict with each other because of "thumbs.db" colliding in one or more add-on VPK's. DO NOT COMPLAIN to the original authors about it. It is a glitch file and not actively us...
Fuji's Good Time L4D2 Collection
Collection by: Fuji
Collection by: todopormexico
L4D 2 Essentials
Collection by: Hintzke
These are the mods I have found to truly bring a new light and life into L4D 2. Enjoy!
Get this you B*tch
Collection by: Gearie
AlMac's Super Bundle!
Collection by: Pat Man
My bundle of Joy.
Left 4 Dead 2 xKoRsAr4iKx (2)
Collection by: xKoRsAr4iKx
TheHateMale's batch of L4D 2 maps
Collection by: TheHateMale
Maps that I have played and like
Left 4 Roleplay And Other Things
Collection by: [UNKN?]╓═-◄=BradyDarkspear ♪♪♪
Crash Bandicoot
Collection by: Hatless ZombieHunter
There are my Crash Bandicoot addons!
Addons for friends
Collection by: Floob The Lube
Addons for my friends so we all have the same stuff when we play together
Collection by: KANNIBALIZM
A collection for use when playing with Cardinal Gamers group.
Funny Zombie Textures
Collection by: Joeseph Fucking Smith
Common Infected- Gnomes Tank- Kool-Aid Man Boomer- Stay Puft Man Witch- Osama Smoker- Yoshi Charger- Failed FEV subject (Fallout) I couldn't find many other mods I personally liked on the workshop D: Sorry for the missing Hunter, Jockey, and Spitt...
My L4D
Collection by: Cirno_N_euron
Personal likes
Mods Left4Dead 2
Collection by: Miguelkoro
Coleccion de mods que estan bastante bien
stuff for friends
Collection by: CUTZ
Derpcraft Mk.II
Collection by: [Divinity] Bagon
Phil's l4d2 kollektion
Collection by: Phil
for friends
Randomguy7's stuff
Collection by: Randomguy7
for me and my friends to play together
Left 2 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: ConcreteJesus
Collection by: sonic_chow798
Collection by: deNZero « V »
All credit to original uploaders just a collection of ones I like for easy reference
Nerdious' Agon Collection
Collection by: Nerdious
Get this to play with me
Collection by: Titan Army
All mods
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