Left 4 Dead 2
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Grey's Favorites
Collection by: Inanis Incedeco
My favorites and the best items from around the workshop. No campaigns here, as downloading them all in 7 parts is too awkward and I just download them elsewhere. This list is mostly either gameplay changes or redone weapons, with 1 survival map,1 mutatio...
The VG Survival Collection
Collection by: bignacho
This here is a collection for VG Character survival
The Realism Collection
Collection by: bignacho
This is just a collection for my selection later.
Carbo's L4D2 Collection
Collection by: JoeyCarbo
-Sounds and music -HD textures, skybox -Zelda
Collection by: 테오T
Collection by: chillybin_rider
Left 4 dead II : " minecraft"
Collection by: nexuzz45
minecraft skins to left 4 dead II
Left 4 dead II custom skin pack
Collection by: nexuzz45
normal upradges to the game graphics and skins
for lan lads
Collection by: Jacken
just something i put together from Left 4 Dildos: 2 Kawaii to Live, Sugoi to Die
Collection by: ★NoiseContяol★#FiLoDaPuTa
partes para poner a l4d2
Collection by: Jazz™
Collection by: ShoTz | MIX OFF
l4d maps
Collection by: SaiNT
Collection by: Blaze1950
Za prijatelje
l4d2 workshop
Collection by: Lvl25Magikarp
Collection by: ^9Peculiar ^3Banana
L4D2 I hate mountains
Collection by: Finyx
L4D2 4 Chinnnks
Collection by: John Mc Potato©
for mah friends.Ignore This if you aren't
Lama's Misc L4D2 Mods
Collection by: johnlama
Some misc L4D2 mods that I use.
Lama's L4D2 Map
Collection by: johnlama
Some of the map mods that I use for L4D2.
Lama's L4D2 Character/ Common Infected Skin Mods
Collection by: johnlama
Some character/ common infected skins that I use.
Manilow and co
Collection by: IndigoDivide
For those who wish to play with me
Collection by: Deadlywarlock
Collection by: Papo Rivaille
Fro Friends
Collection by: i jus wnt 2 ple gem :c
My mod pack
Collection by: Mike Rotch
download this
Server rotation
Collection by: Warren
Mis Favoritos de Workshop
Collection by: ♥Kαššψ†uψα♥™
Estos son los artículos de Workshop que me han gustado de la comunidad Steam. NO SON CREACIONES MIAS.
Locust Party Pack
Collection by: Gavin Free^1
4 tru scrubs onlee
Left 4 Dead 2 Awesome Collection
Collection by: Unstable Sloth
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