Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Hyperdimension Neptunia
Collection by: Ephraim, Prince of Renais
To keep every Neptunia Mod I make easy to find and in one spot. Please report all errors
Tя!cky's Carnival Concerts
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
Experience music from a wide-range of diverse Artists & Legendary Bands. See replaced posters, added band logos on Anvil, Bass & Sound Board cases. Reduced Fireworks and Helicopter sounds to better hear the tracks. Some of my Concerts have special fe...
Collection by: GzN
The Lord of the Rings Collection
Collection by: Last Templar
Best "Lord of the Rings" mods and maps.
Battlefield 3
Collection by: Wheres my payday?
This collection adds player models and guns from battlefield 3 for all the survivors and guns in l4d2, with credits of solomons theme. hope you enjoy
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Clem_Dac
Tous mes mods pour L4D2.
TammojaOlen´s Black Edition Collection!
Collection by: :A.f.K: |TammojaOlen|
Here is all Black Edition Weapons and more! ALL ADDONS are made/reskinned BY ME!
Collection L4D2 - Darklords
Collection by: Darklords
Just 4 Fun :D
Enchained Left4Dead 2 collection
Collection by: OG
Texture, HD, graphics, reanimated, weapon, infected, survivors, sound. Press "Subscribe all" So much better... Текстуры, графон, оружие, зараженные, выжившие. Нажмите "Подписаться на всё",...
Left 4 Dead 2 Resident Evil mod pack
Collection by: Леон Феникс
Collection by: [JPN]Sinya(Noob)
Custom Weapon HUD icons
Collection by: tu stultus es
A collection of all the custom weapon HUD icons I've created. Items are sorted by tier and weapon type. I'm not going to do pistol or melee weapon HUDs, sorry. Note - If you installed any of these mods while in game, keep it mind they may not work u...
Half-Life 2 - SNPCs Special Infected Models
Collection by: NovassavoN
Half-Left 4 Dead
Collection by: The Professor
A bunch of cool Half-Life 2 themed reskins as well as some campaigns! (Note, I am not the owner of any of these items).
Collection by: Moist Cake
Mods we use for L4D2
Collection by: ProtoPotatoman
Collection by: tlmesi
Collection by: Da3nd
Collection by: CriticalChris
This is just a pack to change your textures into the bazinga hell.
My favorite L4D2 weapons
Collection by: tu stultus es
A collection of weapon model, texture, and sound replacements that I like and use. Replaces all firearms except for the M60 and grenade launcher. Other weapon replacements I use that are not available in the workshop: - Arby26's Glock 17 pistols: ht...
Collection by: 9lives--
Sir Purrham Furbottom
Collection by: -RtBz- Pat "Cameo" Briscoe
Sir Purrham Furbottom Mods. Based on BattleBlock Theater.
Collection by: Last Templar
Best survival maps.
esta es una Coleccion Muy Buena
Collection by: Treizy*-*
Coleccion Buena :P
ACF Team
Collection by: PriMan
Данная коллекция создана специально для игроков команты ACF.
[High Quality] Weapon Sounds Pack
Collection by: Gɹim
[still a work in progress.] Replaces all (except the css weapons) sounds with higher quality ones
Left 4 Dead 2 Minecraft Collection!
Collection by: Steve the Minecraftian
Left 4 Dead 2 Minecraft workshop items.
Puck's L4D2 Experience Enhancer
Collection by: Puck
Graphical, GUI, or sound mods for L4D2. None effect core gameplay.
MrSock Mod Collection
Collection by: MrSock [R_U]
The collection I use while playing L4D2 Alone or with freinds! Freinds, to play with me please install the mods in this collection! Happy killing! :) (Some mods are there for you to pick from, so enable the one you like, and disable the other conflicti...
Left 4 Dead 2 COOP order
Collection by: Laizel
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