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Collection by: Jack Smith
Insurgency Weapons Collection
Collection by: tu stultus es
A collection of all the Insurgency weapons I've ported to L4D2. Not that expansive, at least not yet, but there will be more to come. I also included the Toz-194 mod by Lt. Rocky in this collection, since it's the exact same weapon as what is found in ...
Lord of the Rings - Mod Pack
Collection by: PotterAndMatrixFan
Basically a collection of my LOTR Mods at one place.
Nagrywkowy Rozpierdol
Collection by: Gimper
To jest rozpierdol totalny
Real World Ammunition (Specialist Version)
Collection by: XxEeNnXxEeIi
Update version to : 1.07 Date : 21/1/2015 -Change M134 to XM214 chamber 5.56x45 AP !!!IMPORTANT READ BEFORE PLAY!!! 1. This is scripts replace all of firearm in game included 18 scripts and can't chose custom firearm enable/disable. 2. This scripts...
High res texture mods
Collection by: Bobobro
A collection of high res textures, what else?
Blood Tracks Campaign
Collection by: da.phreak
Blood Tracks created by Christopher Collini. Final version 3.1 4 Map campaign, new weapons, new music! Supports all modes including scavenge and survival
Insurgency AKMS Collection
Collection by: tu stultus es
A collection of all items related to my Insurgency AKMS mods. General Insurgency related weapons will be made into a different collection.
Realistic and HD looking Reskins
Collection by: GiraffeBrah
Best mods that you will ever need in an apocalypse. Aprroved by the Director
SKJ L4D2 Mutation Collection
Collection by: ✪SuperKillJuul✪
This collection includes all mutions I've ever made for L4D2! enjoy them! - = Removed + = Added ~ = Changed Latest update: +speciallimit will be added soon: -SmartFriends (this will make the survivor bots smarter and ofcourse SUPER PRO HACKER...
TTC L4D2 Add-on Campaigns
Collection by: Phy-r
A bunch of campaigns from the workshop. Feel free to recommend any other custom campaigns, guys. Notes: "I Hate Mountains" may or may not crash your game, "Kokiri Forest" and "Silent Fear" are very puzzle-esque (not recommended if you want pure-action ...
Simon Says: Silly MLP L4D2 Video - Workshop Items
Collection by: Simon Says
SKJ L4D2 Weapon Collection
Collection by: ✪SuperKillJuul✪
This collection includes all skins I've ever made for L4D2! enjoy them! - = Removed + = Added ~ = Changed Latest update: +SMG PinkCamo will be added soon: -nothing in plan, any ideas? tell us in our steam group! http://steamcommunity....
Collection by: Dorgada つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Dorgas Addons Play
Final Fantasy 9 Sound Collection
Collection by: Burnside
This collection is filled with Final Fantasy 9 sound mods. Mostly music.
left for dead 2 for friends
Collection by: Shockfox13
a fun mod pack that lets zombie become more terror than you hope by no means any of these are mine, all creadit goes to the creators and their works. p.s. play on expert
BossDragon's Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: BossDragon
Alot of neat addons that I use to spice up my L4D2 experience. None of the addons in this collection belong to me. They all belong to their respective creators.
L4D2 Collection
Collection by: DeaD AiM
L4D2 Collection of Co-op maps and some usefull things for L4D2. By DeaD AiM.
Collection by: Matt Christensen
L4D Halo Overhaul
Collection by: Sonata Dusk
A collection of items to change your Left 4 Dead experience into a Halo survival. [Collection created for convenience between me and some friends, content of collection is not created by me, big thanks to MonkeyRebel117 for the majority of the collecti...
Zach's Collection
Collection by: Splack Splayloos
Da bess
Collection by: martijn-v
Collection by: MommaFex
L4D2 Collections
Soviet downloded this modes
Collection by: Советский
Soviet downloded this modes 러시아에서는 이 모드들이 소비에트를 다운로드 합니다!
Ben get this stuff
Collection by: The Goat
dick tits and maps
The Doctor Aprooves
Collection by: Doc Marvel
Collection by: Zerberus
narcolandya v.2
Collection by: R.A.P.T.O.R. 72ru
упоротость для игры с друзьями !
bAX's l4d2 Collection.
Collection by: bAX @ road to Ultra Kill
Cкажу сразу, все предметы не созданы мною :) Моих только 4
Collection by: Heeh
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