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Collection by: WinkieTime
Custom Campaigns
Collection by: TrueBlue312
The campaigns I play for co-oping with friends. WARNING! Disable all other addons when enabling Deathcraft, and disable Deathcraft when done playing it.
Collection by: horrorizer
2019 campaig
Collection by: FreshMan
Collection by: DOBLESUNPOWER
its fucken hilarius
Collection by: gore
just hilarious
Vermilicious' Zelda collection
Collection by: Vermilicious
A collection of Zelda-based mods. There are also a couple of player models available at l4dmaps.com: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=12744 http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=11849 Note that the Link model has some odd looking fingers. ...
Collection by: pro_of_all
Collection by: Praetorian
A lot of good stuff.
Collection by: Xeral
Maps and Campaigns
Collection by: Ekztul
My personal collection of additional maps and campaigns.
Left4Dead New Feel
Collection by: CrissTehNinja
A new feel for Left4Dead.
Collection by: maLice.
this is just for me because my laptop cant handle what my pc can please disregard this collection
Jim's Collection
Collection by: Cole Phelps
Just the mods I've decided I enjoy. All credit to their creators. Also, thanks to those creators
Iñaqui Ortega dice
Collection by: Iñaqui
This is for my friends.
Collection by: Danky Doodler
This is a list of items for my friends to download. Disclaimer: Note i did not create or own these item. Please do not claim i am plagiarizing for the love of pickles forth defranco.
l4d more realistic
Collection by: Khan of Soda ✪
For mah buddies
L4D2 Stuff - LetsPlayTheWorldTV
Collection by: VanÇliff
Just skins and mods.
Collection by: Razputin Aquato
Most Realistic Mod Pack Ever!
Collection by: boomchongo
Bored of playing Left 4 Dead the way its meant to be played? Well you are in for a treat! This zany mod pack has some of the most ridiculous mods to be found on the Steam Workshop. Enjoy!
l4d2 mods
Collection by: 10-78 Devious1
mods for l4d2
Collection for my friends
Collection by: kik4444
Collection for my friends
for all my freinds
Collection by: N[a]'Vi.MegaJesus.HyperX
this is for my friends
L4D2 Tactical Edition
Collection by: Deathlycobra
These are add-ons to try to make your L4D2 expierence more "operator". All the guns I tried for a more military style, along with the characters being more tactical as well. I didn't work on any of these skins and all credit goes to their respective creat...
Left 4 Dead
Collection by: Microsoft Word
Left 4 Dead
L4D Skins
Collection by: Strawberry_Pajamas
L4D2 dotRAVEN mappack
Collection by: .Raven
boruq's collection
Collection by: B0ruK
L4D2 Fun mod Collection
Collection by: RagingMuffin 직접
Collection by: Lucky Charmz 7
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