Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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my many?pack
Collection by: MoMo$=_=$OPTIMUS
this many pack
Collection by: Teraz
My Left 4 Dead 2 Collection (not gun skins)
Collection by: Formic
These mods enhance/change the enviornment and/or mechanics of Left 4 Dead 2. They are what I use.
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Duzaman
Mods and stuff
Favourite mods
Collection by: Nymphonomicon
Favourite mods from Left 4 Dead and/or Left 4 Dead 2.
Collection by: Emperor of Mankind
Unit 731's favorites
Collection by: BitsOfSkin, Unicorn Slayer[LOUD]
Unit 731's favorite files, recommended for optimal enjoyment of our server. Our deepest respect goes out to the creators of all these fine mods, who's hard work has made this game a better experience (for us, at least).
LFD2 Epicness
Collection by: IIIsicknessIII
Cool azz shit for LFD2
Crackheads R Us
Collection by: Officer Crotch
Al's hole of wonders.
Hello Boyz
Collection by: i Charlie v
Olly beckley boyz
Dannys shit
Collection by: Habib Al Shahatit
Fun stuff.
Gustos son gustos por Speed_Factor
Collection by: Speed_Factor
Skins y player models de mi propio gusto.
Collection by: Dres_12
Super Funny Campaigns and other..... things :)
The L4D2 Items used by Jordan4302
Collection by: JBurn
Im to lazy to write description
Common Music
Collection by: captainediv
Collection by: pew
Collection by: Vankash
This Collection makes it easier to play together. Big thanks go the creatoooors :* (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/-EDGE-)
Mods For People
Collection by: Astengar
Hilarious Sound Replacement Pack
Collection by: Night
GCN Campaign To-Play List
Collection by: {GCN} wisey
Le TeAm dErPZ
Collection by: Tofu Taco
Blah blah blah
Minecraft Character Conversion
Collection by: Shockwave_Taco
These mods almost turn Left for dead to minecraft
Collection by: Chenzs108
【求生之路2】感染者模型Mod。 依次代替Tank,Hunter,Smoker,Charger,Spitter,Hunter。
Collection by: Project 06
Lopa's skins n' sounds
Collection by: Lopalop2
Collection by: ngc1300
Graphical improvements
My Faves
Collection by: perhac18
All the addons I love for Left 4 Dead
The Mad Collection
Collection by: The Mad Hatter
For all ma nig nogs.
Left 4 Dead 2 weapons,scripts,and more
Collection by: NaProdNalog
left 4 dead 2
L4D2 Fun
Collection by: Prownage
Workshop Collection for L4D2
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