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My Shit
Collection by: ATOMICbitchSLAP
ORDNY-TP's L4D2 Collection
Collection by: Brick_Chan~
It's my 2014 l4d2 collection. yery!
my shit 2
Collection by: ATOMICbitchSLAP
Funny list
Collection by: Remixcent
Giant list of funny items
Collection by: Flameshibe
Collection by: Chuckles The Cheat
Ashley's probably drug enduced addon pack
Collection by: ♦SCH1ZOPH3N1C SOV13T♦
this will give you a good laugh
Wolffe L4D2 ModCollection
Collection by: Wolffe
Changes several of the weapons in the game Pistol --> FN Five-seveN SMG's --> MP5 and MP7 M16 --> HK416 SCAR-L --> SCAR-H Sniper --> SR-25 Hunting Rifle --> M14
Collection by: SludgeMin
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