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aNZoNy L4D2 selection
Collection by: aNZoNy
todos mis mods
Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Map Collection
Collection by: balr0g
gabe newell for world leader
Ranger Shrew's L4D2 Favorites
Collection by: yoinokuchi
I do not own, and did not make any of these addons/mods, all credit goes to the awesome people that worked on creating and uploading them to the workshop. Just a heads up, these may not work together at the time you 'subscribe to all'. If you don't want...
Chaos original
Collection by: BlazingChaos35
/ Musiques pour les génériques de fin et pour les menus principales //
Collection by: Booker Dewitt
Musiques provenant de jeux et de film pour les génériques à la fin des niveaux ou certain d'entre eux sont pour le menu principale.
Collection by: erikclem115
Collection by: XxHellzGuardian
SURVIVAL MAP BY TOG|K1CHWA - please read the following before playing. co-op mode is for picture taking only. (so it will lack zombies) survival mode is where the action is at. light switches (in bar, gas station closet, and warehouse) that have glow w...
Collection L4D2
Collection by: Vault-Tech Boy
Greg's Mods Yeah
Collection by: YetiRussian
Good Mods
my awesome weapon mods collection
Collection by: 360 the no scopes
Shark Eel's L4D2 Amazing Mods Pack
Collection by: Shark Eel
A bunch of mods that are a MUST have for me. I bet you'll find them interesting too. Thanks to the creators of the mods, we can enjoy L4D2 in much better quality!
Collection by: Alfalock
Collection by: Viking_Corgi
Yes, that's a picture of a cock.
left 4 dead 2
Collection by: Flemis_22
sobrevivencia zombi real
Cheeki Breeki 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Dayman
Left 4 Dead 2
my favorite addons
Collection by: Tesla The Raichu
this is asortment of addons from their respected owners this is to make it easy for my friends to get what they need to play with me
Ski-Doo's Mandatory Mods
Collection by: Ski-Doo
You can get your own mods to change up your player skins, weapons, infected, whatever... but you MUST use these. These are total must-haves for any zombie game fan.
My Flubbing Collection
Collection by: Gaben II
I'm a white male so all in all im successful unlike the other color.
Necessary L4D2 mods
Collection by: =GSG= Project Delta
This is just a fiew mods that I believe should be standard elements in the base game.
Collection by: Senticous
Crispy Maps
Collection by: ReelGenius
Crispy server maps
Collection by: [X]Randy Marsh[X]
Resident Evil
Collection by: Foxy, the Butt Pirate
CS:GO skins for L4D2
Collection by: Cpt. Poontang Soap MacTavish
This Collection is made for those who want a CS:GO conversion for L4D. Anything CS:GO related will be added here
Awesome small collection
Collection by: Dms110 (On vacation, 2 days)
Just a small collection of mods for my friends :)
Tank Mods
Collection by: Rub3z
A collection of my favorite sound and music mods for the Tank in one place. The music that plays when a Tank is on the attack is ripe for replacement with themes that can help accentuate his dramatic presence, or even make you look forward to the next tim...
AmazingCat's favorite addons for L4D2
Collection by: TheAmazingCat [R.B]
Welcome to my collection! If you are interested can download them! Good luck :3
huita morgovai
Collection by: boom zoom
chen on clen
Left 4 Dead Funz
Collection by: Grady 'Coon-Ass' Travis
some randome shit
Collection by: HonkeysMasterRace
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