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Collection by: Proscoo
just meant for a fucker
All of my favourite maps
Collection by: VagueRidge
... Says it in the title
FunBox Collection
Collection by: Psycho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Left 4 Fun
cancerous weeaboo pack for suicidal teenagers
Collection by: . S A V
do you want to kill yourself, but at least go out with a bang? by which i mean play games then silently hang yourself? then this is the pack for YOU!
Collection by: RushGun
Collection by: Yoda
For my friends to get my mods
Gayming L4D2
Collection by: Lu
AOVA-FOX'S PRO MLG L4D2 COLLECTION #DANK #420 #U W0T M8 #( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Collection by: Aova The Werefox
MAKE UR L4D3 PRO MLG ASF WITH MY DANK COLLECTION #PROS ONLY #420 BLAZE IT #DANK HILL #Swag #weed Ever wanted to make l4d2 more "MLG, Dank, COD Ghost" status? Well you came to the right collection! With my collection you can make boring old Left 4 Dead...
Collection by: Bursy
Coolekshin. Coksmashers unify
Custom campaigns and maps
Collection by: Jauffre Leon Morgensonne
lfd2 stuff
Collection by: andersbaseball5
Collection by: BillClinton(Leo)
Collection by: BillClinton(Leo)
Mods that I always play with.
Collection by: MyIPWasTaken
The mods I refuse to play L4D without. Most of these are gun mods or HQ retextures of the game. For some reason I aim better with these compared to the default weapons. Also, the character reskins for both the humans and infected are there becaus...
Fun Stuff
Collection by: MyIPWasTaken
Fun stuff I throw into L4D for shits and giggles. These mods are compatable with my other collection "Mods I always play with" These are mostly sound edits, changing the theme to something else. A few alternate character skins are thrown is as well,...
Splinks Common and Special Infected Models
Collection by: Gphazor
A collection of Splinks common and special infected mods
Collection by: Thanatos
[L4D2] Awesome menu
Collection by: Социопат
The Best colection By .Честер.
Collection by: .Честер.
The Best colection !
Dla towarzyszy broni
Collection by: David Bowie's Drugs
Wizard's Left 4 Dead 2 Fav
Collection by: The Dark Wizard
My Rainbow Katanas
Collection by: Turnoverman
Uhm. I have three of these now, so... uhm... I made a collection. Pick the Rainbow Katana if you just want an animated katana that switches between colors in the rainbow. Pick the Smooth Rainbow Katana if you're cool with a 24MB file for the same th...
team Payday
Collection by: Deever
THE Collection
Collection by: ArchAngelN09
Its THEEEEEE Collection...
Jelly Fun Pack
Collection by: Krimzon95
Real Collect
Collection by: B1ackKatana | Knife to meet you
Collect 4 my self
Craft 4 Dead: The Minecraft Addon Collection
Collection by: The Doctor - Asleep
This is my collection of L4D2 addons that foccuses on Minecraft. Enjoy the stuff. All credits go to Mojang for the ownership of Minecraft, and the makers of these addons.
Collection by: Bankai
Left 4 Dead, minecraft edition.
Collection by: Nikouss
Minecraft in Left 4 Dead 2 !!
Weapons Pack
Collection by: Bro-Tato
This Collection Consists Of Weapons From Amazing People... I Don't Know... This Is A Collection I'm Making For My Friends So They Can Use These With Me.
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