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2Spook Collection
Collection by Heather Mason
literally 2spooky
Melhores Coleções de Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by DanteGames11
Bom pessoal aqui tem Um Monte De Itens Selecionados Melhores Para Left 4 Dead 2 que são muito bom Recomendo!!
Collection by Sir.JJ
My Mods xD
Collection by Cookies
RayVac's Mod Colab
Collection by RayVac
Mod colab for me and my buds, you can enjoy er too if ya wants
Alien Invasion Collection
Collection by ☣ GravnHD ☣
Apple's Halloween Mod Collection
Collection by Raspberrykiwi
Found these, using them.
für Bundy
Collection by .:|DTG|:. Ortthewec[Ger]
Spooky Halloween Mods
Collection by Smexyham
A Collection of mods you can add to your Left 4 Dead 2 to guarantee a 100 % spookier experience or your sanity back.
Left For Dead 2 Zombies
Collection by The Gaming Pie
A cool collection of models for zombies that are based from creatures in games. Maker of mods:: Splinks
Halloween Zombie Time
Collection by Roboskull
pew pew skdoosh
Collection by Pikhou
Planet of the Collection Revolution
Collection by Comander555666
My favourites for L4D2 ps: Stefan
Random Mods Collection
Collection by jm3107
Collection with all the random stuff you need
Collection by -=Я.G=- Capitão Jack Spearow
Хрень :D
Collection by screamer_
Для друзей! :D
Pentru prieteni :3 -Colectie de Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by BlackyTheOne
Puneti-le ca sa aveti modele ca mine in Left 4 Dead 2! #Friends
Collection by nanman [HUN]
Christian Cool Stuff
Collection by RG | ComedyMan13
vp70 weapons
Collection by TheSpineLizard
is a vp70 colection es la colecsion de vp70 :P
Collection by Lightning Flash Asuna
Dinotology Collection
Collection by Raptor Jesus
Resident Evil (Useful addons too)
Collection by [FIN]Mr_TU0mas
Here's some addons for yaw..
Overall best mods for l4D2
Collection by NerdFerguson
This is a basic collection of mods that is my personal prefrence for L4D2. Some files will say that they are conflicted, but they all have been tested and work in the end.
L4D2 Mods
Collection by Hey Boss ... HAMBURGER PREASE!
My shit
Shark's Waifu Collection
Collection by ilovesharkpeople
+ nic cage
Collection by Sgt_Prof
Collection by R.A.P.T.O.R. 72ru
Collection by ♚COCO♚
All other collections fall short.
Basically Vocaloids
Collection by Chossonic
Mostly Vocaloids but not all Vocaloids theres anime too
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