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Collection by BillClinton(Leo)
Mods that I always play with.
Collection by Commanderp Shepard
The mods I refuse to play L4D without. Most of these are gun mods or HQ retextures of the game. For some reason I aim better with these compared to the default weapons. Also, the character reskins for both the humans and infected are there becaus...
Fun Stuff
Collection by Commanderp Shepard
Fun stuff I throw into L4D for shits and giggles. These mods are compatable with my other collection "Mods I always play with" These are mostly sound edits, changing the theme to something else. A few alternate character skins are thrown is as well,...
Collection by RushGun
cancerous weeaboo pack for suicidal teenagers
Collection by V O I D
do you want to kill yourself, but at least go out with a bang? by which i mean play games then silently hang yourself? then this is the pack for YOU!
Collection by Horny Badger
For my friends to get my mods
Collection by Space Dandy
Why not?
Collection by zKa
Minha coleção de itens interessantes para este jogo incrível!
Time For Rage's of Laughter
Collection by The Identity Theif
if you need to have
Collection by Scree
My L4D2 Addons
Collection by Shazminoid
A collection of all of my L4D2 addons that I am currently using. You will want to deactivate some of the addons and activate others in order to get the desired effects.
Collection by Sir Faggotvon Africa
left 4 dead 2
Collection by soul丶will
LOTR Custom Apocalypse
Collection by fangfangirl88
The title says it all.
Deuce and Mateys
Collection by Liam | Deuce
Best MODS 4 Dead
Collection by † (VersuS) †
This will be a collection of the Best and Useful Aid and Mod for L4D 2 Check it out, fellas!!! First: Useful Then: Beautiful Both: BETTER!!! U like it? Leave a "Like" guys, i'll thk u all (If u have some suggest for others objects tell me and...
Survivor Vocaloid Replacements
Collection by Cosmodius
Replaces characters with vocaloids and changes the names to match after subscribing, run game and wait for addon to load. exit game after it loads and navigate to steamapps/common/Left 4 Dead 2/left4dead2/addons/workshop open the file 353901013.vpk...
Collection by Under Killerz
O que eu gosto.
i luv this shit
Collection by Horny Horned Melon
Left 4 Dead HD Retouch
Collection by xFallenAvenger
• DESCRIPTION: This list includes what I personally find to be the most complete list of the best HD mods (including weapons, retextures, UI, and more) for Left 4 Dead 2. For those who want a more real life approach while still maintaining the core aspe...
Left 4 Dead 2 Re-enhanced
Collection by 《Corporal ♠ McClitLips》
A collection of graphical and weapon mods which I use to give a more "enhanced" look and feel to it.
Collection by [SA] oVISOR
for personal use
CanalRaposo Collection L4D2
Collection by Fox
Gayming L4D2
Collection by Lu
Custom campaigns and maps
Collection by Sogeking
Collection by Bursy
Coolekshin. Coksmashers unify
Neptunia Models
Collection by サイトウ
Neptunia Models and other stuff for L4D
Weapon Skins
Collection by [MHD] Kayaba
Waffen Skins -Elfen Lied Sniper Skin -Razer Shotgun -Razer MLG M16 -Monster Machete -Monster Energie Military Sniper -Lavabomb (Pipebomb Revisited) -Aion Katana Red and Green -Rin Meltdown Guitar -Neru Guitar -Skar-L Neru Skin -AWP Miku Skin -...
L4D2 Touhou
Collection by Hotamura-chan
The Tim Cook Game
Collection by Jake
This is a collection of mods that me and my friends subscribe to so we all have the same visuals.
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