Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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L4D2 Texture Overhaul
Collection by: Terrah
A big collection put together by me (Terrah) with a new texture for nearly every Weapon, Special Infected and Survivors. I take no credit in creating the actual addons itself, I just took the time to add them to this collection for people's convieniance....
My Fav. L4D2
Collection by: z7Justice
L4d2 collection
Collection by: ant_spider
FoxTech's Collection v1.04
Collection by: [FOX]FoxTech
A mix of all my favorite mods for Left 4 Dead 2 that are all compatible with each other. This set of add-ons trys to keep the game play as close to the original as possible while retexturing as many things as possible in order to increase the overall ...
Collection by: Dooby-Haz-No-Master
FOR FRIENDS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MR Steve Rox Mega Mods
Collection by: MR Steve Rox
Best Maps
Collection by: Blaynelee4210
Its Just Good Maps
Ross Collection
Collection by: Mojo Storm
the buest
L4D2 Coolish's Weapon / Item pack
Collection by: Coolish
[Left 4 Dead 2] Almost Quality up skin set. some weapons are changed other model.
The Sillifying Collection!
Collection by: Sarif
First of all, if you wish to help making things for the project, or wish to add one of your items to it, please send me a friend request on Steam, I'll make sure to answer asap. (Image is for illustrative(?) purposes, dont take anything in it for granted...
Collection by: Uηdєr Killєя
O que eu gosto.
Dalty's Space collection!
Collection by: Bacilus Maximus
The Correct Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Dalebaxter
Pack of Some good addons
Walnut's Realism Collection
Collection by: namelesswalnut
My list of mods I use in Left 4 Dead 2 to stimulate realism.
Collection by: I ran so far away
I'm eating a taco.
Maize's L4D2 Collection (its all awesome)
Collection by: mixmastermaize
kick-ass mods that im using on left for dead 2.
Collection by: Mental Maverick
For use with my boyfriend. Use it if you like :)
Dla Ludka
Collection by: Wilczur2142
My Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: Hozer
The mods I use...
Collection by: ObiVan
L2FD4 etc
Collection by: Capataz
Skins armas Mejoras sonidos etc
CDS Modpack
Collection by: moarofthat
This is a collection of the best L4D2 mods and maps made specifically for the Communist Dog Squad with the hopes of adding to the multiplayer experience.
L4D2 Survivors
Collection by: Sedan25
zestaw modyfikacji wyglądu ocalałych
L4d2 Mayheim
Collection by: Sephiroth
Random l4d2 collection
Collection by: Lonewolf470
Left 4 Dead 2 (ADD)
Collection by: ToR
Collection by: adosegnaro_1987
Left 4 Dead 2 HD
Collection by: Manunie
Left 4 Dead 2 HD Pack
Collection by: Voltransexual
After L4D2
Collection by: Mr.Beymad [Slag]
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