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Misc. mods
Collection by: John Badassilone
All the misc. mods I play with
Stormy's L4D2 Mods
Collection by: =SPQR= Imperator Pelagius
This is a collection that I made for my friends to download all the mods that I have. I do not take credit for any of the mods you will see below.
Bane of Mad Basterds
Collection by: Exa Unique
Multiplayer compatible
Collection by: King Andronikos
Mine, my own, my precious.
Collection by: Strong Force
The best of the best Skins, weapons, sounds !
Drunk Wasp
Collection by: Spaniel
A collection of mods that will change your Left 4 Dead experience to resemble something out of the dreams of a 5 year old.
LEFT 4 DEAD 2 / Resident Evil 6
Collection by: WinFox
В этой коллекции мы представим вам специальные моды для L4D2 связанные с Resident evil 6 .
Faith's Home-made Clusterfuck
Collection by: Faith
[ ! ! ! ] H U G E F U C K I N G W A R N I N G : write sv_consistency 0 in the console before hosting or joining a game. [ ! ! ! ] (CAUTION: PONIES) All of the strange, twisted, and out-of-place content replacements I find delightful, all wrapped up ...
The Awesome Collection
Collection by: Lokérl
This collection will bring the most awesome things into 1 collection. This will include skins, canpiagns, guns, CI replacement, SI (specail infected) replacement, and so much more. If you are looking for a collection that only have awesome stuff in it we...
Extra Puppies
Collection by: Rabid
A collection of random of things, randomly assorted for a random experience on L4D2....Randomly
High Quality Resource Pack
Collection by: .bones
Undead Nightmare
Collection by: Gabu
Mapas usados pelo servidor Undead Nightmare. Adicione essa coleção e venha se divertir em nosso servidor!
One K
Collection by: -=FK=- Θηε Κ
My Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: AJIKALLI
Foxy ladiesBotts!
Collection by: Crispy Duck
First collection
Left 4 dead 2 maps
Collection by: Sgt.Chewy
L4D2 Stuff
Collection by: •̪̀●́Lunatic•̪̀●́
Collection by: Thigh-High Rainbow Socks-Chan
L4D2 mods
Collection by: FURY
L4D2 mods
Collection by: Cyber Drive (BLR)
IL - Halo Addons
Collection by: iTz Lazerz
NOTE: I have made NONE of these addons. These are just some of the Halo/RvB addons I use in L4D2. Enjoy
Dennis Collection
Collection by: Canary
The improved atmosphere/Улучшенная атмосфера
Collection by: noirhat
Хорошая подборка различных реплейсеров для придания свежести игре
Collection by: Ki11erC
The top maps and mods all in one easy place.
DiskSystem's favorite L4D2 addons
Collection by: DiskSystem
A collection of my favorite addons for Left 4 Dead 2.
Meska's L4D2 Kickass-Elite-Superpack-Collection
Collection by: Meska_
Includes Sounds, Music, Skins, Textures, Models, HUD and much more. 100% Online playable! Visit: www.meska.me
swag me out< YEEEEEEAAAAAAH! There may be issues with some of the mods if you have your own items installed.
My L4D2
Collection by: TinyBison
For me and my Friends
Graphics Overhaul
Collection by: Uncle F3AR
A collection of mods that improve the look of Left 4 Dead 2.
Dead Space Mods
Collection by: kolier.li
Dead space mods for L4D2.
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