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Assassin's Creed, Collection
Collection by Eluveitie
This collection consists of modifications related to the game Assassin's Creed
Left 4 Dead 2 : Portal Edition
Collection by Steph
Left 4 Dead 2 in Portal's style
Animu L4D
Collection by Nepu Nepu - No Kimi Daki Ne
Bowl of Milk's collection
Collection by Bowl of Milk
Collection by 포냥
닼나 가 기모찌함
Left 4 Dead 2 Training Maps
Collection by ⇢ André
collection of training maps
Alert Mob Horde Mod
Collection by XXX_Inkling_Life360_XXX
if you want more alert mob horde Rate up and Subscribe
White weapons
Collection by w!ng
White White White :D
Carl Johnson Pack
Collection by Maize the Gardevoir ❀ (Happy)
A pack that has Carl Johnson stuff in it.
dank shit I use
Collection by :v
CrossFire weapon ports
Collection by Roxas The Dark Heartless Reaper
this is a collection of the CS clone CrossFire weapons ported to left 4 dead 2 made by 2 of my favorite modders :3
WW2 Era Weapons
Collection by HydrophobicWater
*DISCLAIMER: i take no credit for the guns, and if any of the original arthours want their gun tooken off, i will take it down.* A collection of various ww2 guns that won't conflict with each other. Although it will say the m3 grease gun, mp40 and ppsh...
Collection by Sin_smile
ExAndromeda Mega Mod Pack V1.03 For Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by « ExAndromeda »
A combination of my favorite addons. Click "Subscribe to All" (below) to install the package. In addition, UI improvements, graphics improvements such as blur removal, animated objects, particle system improvements, weapon sounds, character avatars, a...
Collection by Methadone Kitty {C²}
Weapon firing sounds. Shove sounds. Sound FX
Star Wars Collection
Collection by Flame Eater Kai
This a collection of Star Wars themed models,sounds and a map to use them on.
Detotaded Euphoria
Collection by Kawaii Senpai
All the montage parody related things you need to XxXtr1kshotzzXxX in L4D2.
L4D1: Beta Edition
Collection by Davos
I've decided to seperate my original collection 'L4D1 & 2: Ultimate Beta Edition' into two parts, one for each game. I feel that way would be more organised as to which is which. This collection contains most, if not all available Left 4 Dead beta addo...
Yuzzo's Halo collection
Collection by Yuzzo il Bordeggiante
I made this collection to include all those mods based on halo that feel the most immersive and that can make the Left 4 Dead experience the closest to an odissey set in the Halo universe. Most of what is included is based on my personal taste, but i tri...
Stupid funny mods
Collection by Shiz
Stupid fun mods for anyone looking to have a good time. I did Not make ANY of these mods, please refer to the right hand side to view the Authors.
Addbue's L4D2 Model Ports!
Collection by addbue
These are currently all of my L4D2 Model Ports that I have made, More will come soon!
For a better Look
Collection by Doktor von Hinten
Just for a better Look....
Melee Weapon Pack TB/SP Collection
Collection by Stay Puft
This collection includes the script to make the weapons work. For whatever reason, the scripts seem to only work when they are in a separate vpk. Go figure.
Fallout Collection
Collection by Matulaak
A bunch of Items making L4D2 feel more like Fallout.
HD текстуры + Специфекты + HUD + Новые модели + Музыка
Collection by NeneroG [VAC]
HD текстуры + специфекты + HUD + Новые модели Всё это будет обновляться! Что то я буду добавлять так что бы игра не превратилась в убожество!
Team 4 Dead
Collection by [MP] DoctorStrogg
TF2 reskins for L4D2. Have fun with Horsemen and Soldiers)
In The Bag's Fanatic L4D2 collection
Collection by Homocidal Gardener
Yes, this collection includes all guns, infected and survivors as well as a lot of other shit. Enjoy! Also, if some mods seem to be interfering with eachother, take care in what mods you have currently installed. I remove mods here to add new ones, which...
Anime Backgrounds~
Collection by ✿тѕυмιмι
A Collection of anime backgrounds i made....
Всё для хорошей и комфортной игры.
Collection by Akiko Hijikata /BSH
Здесь вы найдёте всё нужное для L4D2.
left hand
Collection by Pyc
move weapons and items to left hand read description on addons!
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