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Your own custom apocalypse
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Collection by: DE4DHAMST3R
Just Left 4 Dead (2) busi-ness!
Free For All (with deadpool)
Collection by: Bushido5645
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: That one guy
Funny Mods
Collection by: Simon The Digger
Funny Mods That Are Fun To Play With Friends.
L4D2 Guns
Collection by: B.Hull
For L4D2 guns
Left 4 Hilarity
Collection by: XJ-9
With a few clicks of the subscribe button, you can turn L4D2 into the most ridiculous zombie-survival horror-action game hybrid since Resident Evil 6. Most of these can work together, but there are a few that may be incompatible.
Collection by: Target Wifty
Just a random collection of things
Mr. Muffins way of playing L4D2
Collection by: Pride
This is the way that I, Mr. Muffins, the One True God, ment L4D2 to be played.
Collection by: [TW] nss0727
The awesome stuff puffs collection
Collection by: Honeybug
it has alot of cool stuff
Collection by: |Gs|Jay_Bommel
my korecution 1
Collection by: aka
just for friends
Collection by: Zodiac
just for friends so we have the same stuff
my stuff
Collection by: supaginge
a bunch of things i use
l4d2 modez
Collection by: Holynightmare
Collection by: dragonmunday12
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: bigdaddybuttmuncher2929
Rob's Pack-O-Fun
Collection by: Robszombiez
My pack of fun.
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