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Super Jolly Collection Uber Delta 5
Collection by: Jolly Hitlers Mustache?
Collection by: Lord Keytool
When the Dukes have fallen, only a Dog can restore order...
Stuff That My Friends Need To Play With Me
Collection by: xOne Man Legacy
Stuff That My Friends Need To Play With Me
Fox dead playlist
Collection by: KeyNote
It's for stupid LAN sillines.
The Rejuvenated Juvenile Child Roleplay Pack (In Progress)
Collection by: MOac
Now, One must not intake such revolt of adulthood and the Agony that it Conjures. The Children have invested in pristine non-pyhrric triumph, and have the four survivors invoke the wondrous incantation of the living Child.
BAM's L4D2 Collection
Collection by: BAM
Collection by: Vandaal-Saint
Mirror's Edge Weapon Sound Collection
Collection by: CyberMan1011
This collection features various sound mods that replace the firing sounds of the L4D2 weapons with the firing sounds of several weapons from Mirror's Edge.
Collection by: Stifler S.K.
Collection by: CID_1973
Arne & Pals: Special Infected!
Collection by: Gilboron
The results of extensive boredom a long time ago, this (old) mod is a sound pack for most of the Special Infected, voiced by me and some old friends of mine. Will probably require manual extraction and rebuilding of the audio cache.
Deadly Weapons package
Collection by: Kendaarhundrem
The custom addon Deadly Weapons and the extras are in this package for those who want to just download the primary addon and the extras. (Note: extras have the word "extra" in the name or description.) (Note: some of the addons are just variations of the ...
Smoke's Glowbars
Collection by: Satchidananda ♫
Collection of all my crowbar skins (Smoke's Glowbars) so far.
Complete Weapon and item replacement - L4D2
Collection by: Hoxton
Includes the following model replacements: All Primary and secondary weapons All Melee and ranged Medpacks Pills Defibrilator Gasoline and bonus. Conflict-free pack. With due respect to all the authors of the mods.
Left 4 Dead 2 - Mod Collection
Collection by: Miiika
Here is my personal Mod Collection: - Note: Credits go to the Mod Makers, i didn't build any of these - * Survivor Skin Mods for Nick, Ellis, Coach & Rochelle * Special Infected Skin Mods for Charger, Jockey, Hunter, Smoker, Spitter, Witch & Tank * ...
NxE's Collection of collectioness
Collection by: Dessier
Mods and stuff that replace everything, sort of.
survivor and infect skins
Collection by: komando
survivor and infect skins
Geezers In Arms Mod Collection
Collection by: BlakJak70
This is a collection of mods for the Geezers In Arms Gaming Community. All credit for the creation of any and all mods contained in this collection go to the individual authors.
Suicide Blitz 2 all part/Все части (RELOADED)
Collection by: World
All part/Все части
L4D - L4D2 Backgrounds
Collection by: Left4Dead123XD
Akita Neru
Collection by: Akita Neru
A collection with Akita Neru's mods for L4D2.
CTXP Collection For L4D2
Collection by: twitch.tv/Cuddletauren
CTXP Group
Kawaii Friend Collect
Collection by: EscalatedAction
I'm not sure what to say about this...
The Best Realistic Collection HD
Collection by: Hagrush
Most atmospheric add-ons which I collected. All additions are combined with each other.
Избранное MaxDaw
Collection by: *PatRioT*
Моя коллекция избранного)
My life is a clusterfuck of oozing black vagina venom splurging out of a prostitutes vagina cavity
Collection by: Carrett50cal
smoking is no joking. when you eat the cake you eat the cake and then you must take a closer look but i dont understand the way you knoow why does yesteryday know how more like to wow sith this doesnt make any sense why are yoiu stilsl reading this fuck y...
Bran Flakes sir
Collection by: OddRobb
This is the stuffing.
Weapon Mods
Collection by: Alex
You can see all this mods in my video http://youtu.be/3Ogkv2bzwsc
Nazi Zombies Collection
Collection by: Suokukko [SAS]
L4D2: Horror Edition
Collection by: Davo
Ever thought L4D wasn't scary enough? Did you want it to feel like you didn't want to goof around? Then this collection is for you! This mod mainly changes most of the music in the game to feel... dangerous, evil and rewarding for surviving. It will b...
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