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Maijlo's Left4Dead 2 Pack
Collection by: Maijlo Entertainment
Willkommen! Hier findest du meine besten Addons für L4D2 Maijlo
Alien Apocalypsis
Collection by: Steeldino
Call 4 Battle: Advanced Zombies
Collection by: GAMIR_GTA
This colletion is to covert all L4D2 Normal Style to a "Real" Shooter whit ZOMBIES! YES ZOMBIES! YEEEEE!!! ZOOOOOMBIEEEES!
Metal Gear Rising Mods
Collection by: Kaz
A collection of various Metal Gear Rising themed mods for L4D2.
Two Best Friends Play Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Kaz
The hypest collection on the Left 4 Dead 2 workshop! A collection of mods based on the Canadian Let's Play series "Two Best Friends Play".
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Music Pack
Collection by: NovassavoN
Night Star Collection
Collection by: [BGS]Princess Luna
Half-Life 2 Pack
Collection by: [Pvt.] Toaster Oven
The Pack adds a bunch of Half-Life 2 mods and maps to Left 4 Dead 2 It contains: - 3 maps: City 17, Borealis and Ravenholm - 5 Gun replacing sounds - Replacing sounds for the Tank and the Horde - Death song: Black Mesa - Saferoom Background Music:...
Fallout Collection
Collection by: Kira N'aka'Zato
Коллекция состоит из модификации оружии, персонажей, а также музыкальное сопровождение из игр серии Fallout
CTXP Collection For L4D2
Collection by: twitch.tv/cuddletauren
CTXP Group
Urik HUD @all contents
Collection by: Urik
All contents of Urik HUD
Jared's L4D2 Workshop Collection
Collection by: JaredM105
L4D2 Workshop Addons that Jared recommends getting.
Skype L4D2
Collection by: iN008 | Unicornius's Pimp
For people I play L4D2 with.
Tems Tombloa
Collection by: [R] Temuljin
A collection of mods for freinds.
My Little Pony meets Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: (UF) (BRONY) The Nightmare King
This collection is a collection of all of the My Little Pony addons i subscribed to plus some extra addons i use in L4D2
VOCALOID™ ボーカロイド
Collection by: Sup Pup
Header image by [ http://so-bin.tumblr.com/ ] Featuring [ Tda Appends ] by [ CaptainBigButt ]: Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Akita Neru, Kasane Teto, Yowane Haku My personal favorite VOCALOID™ mods for Left 4 Dead 2, including survivor(s), weapon(s),...
Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
Collection by: PancakePolice
a collection of workshop items that are TF2 themed. | P.S. All of these items are not all compatible with each other, I just put the subscribe to all button on because there are so many addons. Have a nice day! ***DISCLAIMER*** I did not make any o...
My HUD mods (everything)
Collection by: Urik
This gathers all the components for my HUDs (all versions), as well as some extras and recommendations. Important: pick Urik HudLayout + any of the "Teampanels", everything else is optional. You can refer to the map here for guidance: url=i.imgur.com/Nr...
Omgot Tribute HUD
Collection by: Urik
Omgot Tribute HUD contents (all)
Left 4 Jurassic
Collection by: Ai And Fat-Tail™ Gaming
me and 3 people were talking on my primal carnage raptor addon,and we decided to name a collection this and put all the dinosaur addons i made in it. i used the humorous thumbnail just because. :D -sincerely,Ai And Fat-Tail Gaming
Kagerou Project Mods
Collection by: 『Pohwaran』 [目隠しダ]
Here have a List of all the "Kagerou Project" Mods I have made. So feel free to choose your favorites once.
Collection by: Deadpool221
All the deadpool mods
Left 4 Dead 2 Anime/Voicaloidcollection
Collection by: .sNz' #Ballin'
Just a Collection of Anime & Voicaloid mods. :D
The Wind Knight Collection
Collection by: Millie "Tailsko" Prower
A Collection of Weapons in which Millie "Tailsko" Prower (me) crafted herself.
Russian Weapon Pack
Collection by: Roger_Stone
List of Weapons: Knife: Stalker's Hunting Knife. Pistols: Makarovs. Shotguns: Toz-87; Toz-194; Baikal MP-153; KS-23. Sub-machine Gun: AK-47; AK-74M; AKS-74u; AK-12; 9A-91; AN-94. Sniper Rifle: VSS Sniper; Zastava М76; Mosin-Nagant 91/30; Dragunov ...
Minecraft Survival Collection
Collection by: Reinboe Dash
Collection of survival maps made by me.
Mass Effect Stuff !
Collection by: DeathFlash [FR]
Some Mass Effect Stuff for Left 4 Dead 2 !
Collection by: Urik
This is my crosshair implementation for L4D2. It uses a material that's present in game by default and doesn't draw/never used. So you don't get a checkerboard texture if you choose to not use any crosshair. Also, it only draws for survivor hud. Have ...
Urik Fonts
Collection by: Urik
Be advised that for current build of L4D2 & workshop, you need to use the following command to load fonts from console: alias reloadfont "mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 1; mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 0" -you need to replace "1920 1080" with your l4d2 res...
Зеленый Слоник/Green Elephant
Collection by: Hobo_Gus
Братишки! В этой коллекции различные дополнения для Left 4 Dead 2 на тему фильма "Зеленый Слоник". Если у вас есть идеи или предложения - пишите.
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