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Team Fortress 2 Skins
Collection by: Wolpharion [Be]
Here, you can find all my TF2 related skins. I home you'll like them :)
Realism Pack + Awesome Campaigns
Collection by: GoMoonCool
My favorite mods and campaigns on Left 4 Dead 1 Like it? Rate it! And add to favorite.
L4D2 Modz
Collection by: [FS] Alcatraz0398
Modz dat i use
Zombie fun pack!
Collection by: Mr.Cocainum
Fun pack of some stuff fo L4D2 just for my perverted friends
Comedic Throwback Mods
Collection by: Shiz
Nerdy throw back mods for nostalgic assholes like me. P.S THEY'RE FUN I did Not make ANY of these mods, please refer to the right hand side to view the Authors.
Nazi Zombies Collection
Collection by: Suokukko [\/\/€€D]
Love live!
Collection by: Minami Kotori
Killing Floor Mod
Collection by: St3ampunk Cristhian
Todo lo que necesitas para jugar al Left 4 Dead 2, para que sientas jugar al Killing Floor
Get Gud
Collection by: Deep♂Dark♂Fantasy♂
go away
Yuzzo's Halo collection
Collection by: Yuzzo il Bordeggiante
I made this collection to include all those mods based on halo that feel the most immersive and that can make the Left 4 Dead experience the closest to an odissey set in the Halo universe. Most of what is included is based on my personal taste, but i tri...
Mirror's Edge Weapon Sound Collection
Collection by: CyberMan1011
This collection features various sound mods that replace the firing sounds of the L4D2 weapons with the firing sounds of several weapons from Mirror's Edge. Credit goes to MrSaint1023 for porting these sounds.
Xenoblade Chronicles Music Pack
Collection by: NovassavoN
Tactical Armory Weapons: Skins / Sounds / Mods
Collection by: Persteasy
A collection of weapons mods & skins that i use. Add / subcribe them all to make your Left For dead 2 experience that little bit different.
Azatoth's L4D2 Christmas collection
Collection by: Azatoth
My personal set of Christmas themed L4D2 workshop submissions. Apart from the deployable tree, I retained these that seemed to be not too eccentric and/or poorly made to me. Non-workshop items: Louis with Christmas Hat: http://www.gamemaps.com/de...
Bully Mod Collection
Collection by: ✿♥~Voltaic da Wolfy~♥✿
These are all the Bully Mods for Left 4 Dead 2. If any of you would like to make your own Bully mods so I can add to this collection, please do. Here are some mods that should be made to fit this collection: -Jimmy Hopkins replacement for Ellis -Jo...
Akita Neru
Collection by: FlashLight
A collection with Akita Neru's mods for L4D2.
Collection by: Ducky
nothing much,
Lim Lam's L4D2 Overhaul
Collection by: Old Man Freestyle Smexycan
This is a complete collection of mods that allows your game to not only look better but different as well. This is a mod pack that changes almost everything in the game putting a breath of fresh air into a game that has been around for a long time. pleas...
Shovel Knight L4D2 Music
Collection by: Dymatrex
A collection of music from Shovel Knight to be used in Left 4 Dead 2!
L4D2: Call of Duty Edition
Collection by: Davos
Played too much Call of Duty? Wish this game was more like it? Then you've come to the right collection! Ordered from top to bottom as weapons, items, survivors, infected, music and others, this collection is (probably) guaranteed to make you feel like...
L4D2: Wacky edition
Collection by: Davos
Have you ever wanted to feel happy about the apocalypse? How about forget about it entirely because of what you're seeing? Then this is the collection for you! This pack contains the strange, the bizzare and the wacky all in one for you to enjoy! Thes...
In The Bag's Fanatic L4D2 collection
Collection by: You Weren't Ready
Yes, this collection includes all guns, infected and survivors as well as a lot of other shit. Enjoy! Also, if some mods seem to be interfering with eachother, take care in what mods you have currently installed. I remove mods here to add new ones, which...
Team 4 Dead
Collection by: DoctorStrogg
TF2 reskins for L4D2. Have fun with Horsemen and Soldiers)
HD текстуры + Специфекты + HUD + Новые модели + Музыка
Collection by: NeNeRoG
HD текстуры + специфекты + HUD + Новые модели Всё это будет обновляться! Что то я буду добавлять так что бы игра не превратилась в убожество!
Fallout Collection
Collection by: Matulaak
A bunch of Items making L4D2 feel more like Fallout.
For a better Look
Collection by: Doktor von Hinten
Just for a better Look....
Всё для хорошей и комфортной игры.
Collection by: Анна /BlackSilverHell
Здесь вы найдёте всё нужное для L4D2.
Melee Weapon Pack TB/SP Collection
Collection by: Stay Puft
This collection includes the script to make the weapons work. For whatever reason, the scripts seem to only work when they are in a separate vpk. Go figure.
TytanFall Weapons (TitanFall Weapons)
Collection by: iCcy
TytanFall Weapons Pack / TitanFall Weapons Pack
Collection by: ╬═ ℊℛℑἧčℎ ϟϟ
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