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Weaver's Arsenal: Firearms
Collection by: Weaver
The weapons i'm currently using in l4d2; one for each slot -- including the hidden css weapons. Sort order: Pistols Tier 1 SMGs Tier 1 Shotguns Tier 2 Shotguns Tier 2 Assault Rifles Tier 2 Snipers Tier S Weapons The grenade launcher as seen...
VSFT: Mya Edition
Collection by: myunyu
Enter the sickeningly pastel world of Lord Shrek's latest moe anime obsession.
Call of Duty Zombies
Collection by: TITAN 15X
This is a collection of mods that will change your game to look like the Zombies game mode from Call of Duty, enjoy.
Carl Johnson Pack
Collection by: Honey Bunches Of Swag
A pack that has Carl Johnson stuff in it.
Coleccion Schwarzeniggo
Collection by: Stalker
Upala upala
Topp's Collection Of L4D2 Crap
Collection by: Toppramen
Everything from Disneyland Maps to Custom Sounds.
Dora The Explora
Collection by: Ze-Krush!
The Delta Collection
Collection by: Endi15 ΔPhoenix
These are my first skins, and i hope you enjoy them :) If you want to make skins yourself, add me or join my steam group for more info.
Tems Tombloa
Collection by: [R] Temuljin
A collection of mods for freinds.
Collection by: vinylEnthusiast
my L4D collection
Collection by: I <3 Shattered
all the mods that i have
SCP Containment Breach MOD Pack
Collection by: NovassavoN
Collection by: Taranix67[FR]
Collection contenant des maps survival et des armes. Collection containing survival maps and weapons.
Collection by: bobeeb
Collection by: Wolf
rash from battletoads
Collection by: Pizza
L4D2 With Spam & Eggs
Collection by: Nathan Demarest
L4D2 with your favourite meal.
A few Mods I like
Collection by: N4rg0n
This are a few Mods I like and this collection is for my friend to easily find the mods i use to play.
Alucards Animations Collection
Collection by: Alucard VAC killed
Meine zusammenstellung von Animationen (Animes, Mangas Und Games) für l4d2
NiTR0's Proven Picks
Collection by: NiTR0
This is a collection of Skins, Items, and Mods that I have tested and aprove as high quality mods. All Credit goes to the Creators of the Mods, they have done amazing work and I applaud them for such magneficent Mods. Installation: I recommend not ha...
Minou's zawmbie stuff (realism collection)
Collection by: Limoncelli
My favourite addons. Nothing crazy, nothing anime'ish, just some cool stuff from the talented modders out there. Enjoy.
Ninja Pack.
Collection by: InflictorX
If you answer yes to any of these questions then subscribe to this pack... 1. Ever wanted to be a ninja? 2. Ever wanted to kill zombies? 3. Ever wanted to kill zombies in a ninja suit? I hope you wanted to... I can help... Thanks to the epi...
Tactical Armory Weapons: Skins / Sounds / Mods
Collection by: Persteasy
A collection of weapons mods & skins that i use. Add / subcribe them all to make your Left For dead 2 experience that little bit different.
Pleasant FX
Collection by: aHungryNegr0
A collection of varying textures, weapons, sounds...etc that I found enhance my experiance.
for my friends
Collection by: Widda_K
these are just some things that my friends need to get so we can play with each other and have a great time! These aren't on the workshop yet so please download them by clicking on them: Redemption II: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=10989 ...
mlosm tier l4d2
Collection by: suicide king
l4d2 mlosm tier
Collection by: Argosax
Anime style Survivors. (: Enjoy
Custom Concert Mods
Collection by: Alcatraz Zombie
This is a collection of my concert mods. These will either replace the posters for the concert (basically every poster/billboard in Dark Carnival) or replace the music for the concert finale. More to come in the near future so check back every once in a w...
L4D2, Giant compilation of doom
Collection by: Morberg
Compilation of doom, I know right? This compilation covers everything from weapons, skins for the characters as well as all the enemies and environments. Some sounds and a few UI modifications. I haven't added any customs campains as of yet. Enjoy.
FacelesAssassin L4D2 mod Pack
Collection by: John F. Kennedy
Funny mods for laugh and shock factor!
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