Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Mods cool et sympas
Collection by: corbolero
Quelques mods sympas
Collection by: vinylEnthusiast
The collected dead
Collection by: Chiron Maximus
That which has died will always be accepted here.
Replacement Skins that I luv c: (Survivors)
Collection by: (Sleeping??)Yuka Mochida
<3 Credits to people that made them
Death Punch Mods
Collection by: Kuro Schwartz
A collection of My Death Punch Mods
Dora The Explora
Collection by: Ze-Krush!
Alio's Left 4 Dead Military ENB Collection
Collection by: DG| Alio
---------For best download experience, subscribe from top to bottom one by one. Your first loadup will have everything in order----------- -Update May 2014- Scaled down the mods for a more streamlined experience. I've taken personal favorites both sile...
VSFT: Mya Edition
Collection by: myunyu
Enter the sickeningly pastel world of Lord Shrek's latest moe anime obsession.
The Delta Collection
Collection by: Endi15 the Gambler
These are my first skins, and i hope you enjoy them :) If you want to make skins yourself, add me or join my steam group for more info.
Collection by: Lordlionthe1
to make it hot in l4d69
Zidane's Molotovs
Collection by: Zidane
Every molotov created by me.
Anime menu icons
Collection by: 「AE♦HP」 フランシスコ
Anime menu icons of your favorite anime ;D
Call of Duty Zombies
Collection by: TITAN15X
This is a collection of mods that will change your game to look like the Zombies game mode from Call of Duty, enjoy.
Complete Weapon and item replacement - L4D2
Collection by: Hrum
Includes the following model replacements: All Primary and secondary weapons All Melee and ranged Medpacks Pills Defibrilator Gasoline and bonus. Conflict-free pack. With due respect to all the authors of the mods.
Prom-Night's Ultimate Player Pack [HD Content]
Collection by: King 0f Kink
Prom-Night Industries proudly presents our first L4D mod pack! After days upon days of downloading, testing, and deleting, Prom-Night has finally pieced together the ULTIMATE collection for players looking for a "new" playing experience! -UPDATED OFTEN...
Collection by: Tshakaar
Just to have all my favs mods at once.
EonDynamo's Left4Dead 2 Funbox Collection
Collection by: EonDynamo
Funbox Collection for Left 4 Dead 2. Used for playing with EDHC We will tell you what mods to use in game anouncements in the EDHC group, as some conflict when used together.
Coleccion Schwarzeniggo
Collection by: [MGL #REKT] Songbird
Upala upala
Kaz's Big Damn Fiddle Collection
Collection by: Miller
"The inspection was nothing but a smokescreen. I heard explosions, then... THEY PLAYED US LIKE A DAMN FIDDLE!" A collection of mods based around Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller's infamous line from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.
Topp's Collection Of L4D2 Crap
Collection by: Toppramen
Everything from Disneyland Maps to Custom Sounds.
Darkest Days
Collection by: Saeko Busujima =毒島冴子=
Collection inspired by [SFM] Darkest Days by Danny Field; Puts you in the shoes of a survivor during the end of the world crisis..... Even though these "zombies" only shamble, they're still a threat, especially in large numbers! This collection is a Singl...
Tems Tombloa
Collection by: [R] Temuljin
A collection of mods for freinds.
DoomedBros Maps
Collection by: DoomedLama
Skype L4D2
Collection by: iN008
For people I play L4D2 with.
Kawaii Friend Collect
Collection by: EscalatedAction
I'm not sure what to say about this...
Silent Hill in L4D2
Collection by: st-MK
Best Silent Hill mods for Left 4 Dead 2 found in Workshop.
Collection by: Argosax
Anime style Survivors. (: Enjoy
Bioshock Infinite
Collection by: Keithy
Bioshock Infinte related content for Left 4 Dead 2.
Избранное MaxDaw
Collection by: $_Heisenberg_$
Моя коллекция избранного)
Eminem Music addons for Left 4 Dead 2!
Collection by: Raine
A collection of addons of Eminem's Music!
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