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Realistic and HD looking Reskins
Collection by GiraffeBrah
Best mods that you will ever need in an apocalypse. Aprroved by the Director
Umineko: Concert of the Golden Witch Collection
Collection by Thunder-Slash
This collection of addons serves to replace the sounds and posters in the Dark Carnival concert finale with Umineko no Naku Koro ni themed ones.
Billboards,Signs,Ads ++
Collection by Methadone Kitty {C²}
Billboards. Signs. Bus stop ads. Posters. Graffiti/wall decals
Aleksandr The Best
Collection by White Pride
The best of Aleksandr Pistoletov
Metro City Vehicles
Collection by Eleanor Catherine
I'm a designer with an emergency vehicle fetish and this is what happens when you add those two things to Left 4 Dead... So, here are some retextures stock government vehicles with more design intensive liveries. Currently only includes the police car...
Elfen Lied- Lilium Death Music
Collection by Cygnet
These downloads replace the death music you hear on all L4D1&2 maps with Elfen Lied's opening theme, Lilium
Collection by Twowestex/Westeh!
A not-so-scary-joke halloween workshop addon collection pack. Let's make it more spooky :D If you have any problems with mdl errors, simply restart your Left4Dead 2 and wait a bit, until all the addons are loaded up.
Filthy Weeaboo Mods
Collection by BUT DAAAAD
Filthy weeaboo mods for L4D2
kerk12's pipe bomb adjustments
Collection by kerk12™
In this collection I have included three of my best mods. What these mods do is change the fuse color of the pipe bomb along with the blinking light, when thrown. Please give them a rate up/fav if you like them :D. If you wish to suggest a new color, y...
Doctor Who - Modpack
Collection by Cappugino
Collection by RΞV [A] Glox
Maps and other tools that are usefull on the Revolution servers. 10vs10 | REVOLUT10N #1 8vs8|Custom Maps|REVOLUT10N #2 , HELMSDEEP - REVOLUT10N VALHALLA #1 - REVOLUT10N - ...
Collection by Methadone Kitty {C²}
Campaign and Concert music. Ending Credits. Death/gameover music. Jukebox music replacement.
Left 4 pony
Collection by rainbowCrash
Floozy penguin
Collection by priest of buddah
if i was a giraffe id smell like a fruity pillow
Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
Collection by Pancake Police
a collection of workshop items that are TF2 themed. | P.S. All of these items are not all compatible with each other, I just put the subscribe to all button on because there are so many addons. Have a nice day! ***DISCLAIMER*** I did not make any o...
SKJ L4D2 Mutation Collection
Collection by ✪SuperKillJuul✪
This collection includes all mutions I've ever made for L4D2! enjoy them! - = Removed + = Added ~ = Changed Latest update: +smartfriends will be added soon: -nothing in plan P.s. Be sure u join our steam group to receive usefull informatio...
such mod very collection wow
Collection by Pølse
Realistic Collection 1 (Enviroment & Fx)
Collection by Fox
[ENG / PT-BR] This collection was tested several tims on multiplayer and contains: / Essa coleção foi testada diversas vezes no modo multijogador e contém: + New textures. / Novas texturas. + New enviroment models. / Novos modelos do ambiente. + ...
~For Friends~
Collection by iiNFaMoUsZv2
Just for friends :D
Crysis Weapon Sound Collection
Collection by CyberMan1011
Weapon sound mods I've made that include sounds from the Crysis series go here.
Richard's Melee Weapons Collection
Collection by Richard
==Items== 1.Silver Blade(For Machete); 2.Golden Hunting Knife(For Knife); 3.Infernal Axe(For Crowbar); 4.Dragon Katana - Japan Edition(For Katana); 5.Fortunate Shovel(For Frying Pan); 6.Pro Baseball Bat(For Baseball Bat); 7.Infernal Tonfa(For Tonfa...
My Little Pony x Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by jerryh001
Collect everything about My Little Pony. It's sort by type,so it's more easier to find any mod you want. If I miss anything or you want add you mod to here,please tell me. *I DON'T COLLECT OC MOD* Tag for search:mlp,pony,ponies,my little pony,brony
L4D2: Minecraft Edition
Collection by Davos
Well, L4D2 just got pushed back to square one. It's obvious. I really shouldn't even say. *sigh* This collection changes the survivors, weapons, infected and other miscellaneous stuff into Minecraft-styled stuff. I tried to collect every single Minecra...
Collection by GoldGaming™
I take NO CREDIT for this i just made this so you can hav a TLOU collection for L4D2 i'v made a Gmod to but i take no credit only %1 for making a collection.
Collection by Scuzzelbut
A collection of a few re-animations
Nazi Zombies Collection
Collection by Suokukko
Beyond Good & Evil - Collection
Collection by ☣ BadGalaxy ☣
A collection of sound mods from BGE.
GC L4D2 10v10 Custom Campaigns
Collection by JackieChan.gc
A custom campaign collection for use on gcftw.com's L4D2 10v10 servers.
°• Alliance: Custom Content For Coop servers
Collection by Electr0
Addons for playing on Coop servers of °• Alliance
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by jacob
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