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BLAH's Collection of Fun
Collection by BLAH
Just what I like to play with when I play L4D2
Special Infected
Collection by ZombiePenguin
Addons I use
Collection by Don-Don
High Quality Retextures
Collection by ZombiePenguin
Left4dead Map Pack
Collection by Schitzel Nazi
Maps that i play with and think are good
Helpful Miscellaneous
Collection by ZombiePenguin
Collection by Sweet Jo
L4D personal
Collection by Sweetoe Joe
Stuff for L4d2
Collection by Cobalt Cloud
my favorite skins n sound mods
Collection by Rakk Daniels
as the title says.
Stuff i Sub To
Collection by DoctorZambie™
Mods I use
Collection by Delpha
L4D bercika
Collection by suchy_122
left 4 dead 2
Collection by Hunter Buda
Mods I Like
Collection by AngelssBane
Collection by benjaminhuff
BBQ collection
Collection by Kiss
Ivan's Collection
Collection by Ivan
Just a collection of the mods I enjoy playing with.
The upgrade
Collection by Nexaras
This collection is for those who just want to change the game, upgrade it. Works 100% in multiplayer. It is a complete pack and i may still make some changes to it. Feel free to send suggestions of what to add/remove I will take anything into count. ...
Collection by MihaiMiharu
bunkle accent
Collection by Katherine
for bunkles
Final Kollektion
Collection by SHAKRI
All what i like is in there some cool stuff from greate creators
Items and Weapons Skins
Collection by Lochenhofenberg
Collection by Sperg Lord
Kill yourself! I don't like you anymore. - Dalton 2014
Collection by BlinkingMaximum
Dalton told me to kill myself. :(
Common Infected
Collection by ZombiePenguin
Collection by HiaOxAnthonY
Mafia II
Collection by Burnside
This collection is made up of stuff related to Mafia II
Enhanced L4D2
Collection by Squattermonkey
This is just a collection of Left for Dead mods that I think improve the game the most. The Realistic Apocolypse is not compatible with Improved Bots (Advanced) and Team Health Counter sorry...
Geopocalypse's Monster Mash
Collection by Bread Phylactery
Just for me and my friends really, but anyone is welcome to give it a go.
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