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Steins;Gate Menu & Music Mods
Collection by: Ċhieƒ
This collection contains all of my Steins;Gate themed menu and music mods outside of the concert related mods.
Shingeki No Kyojin Overhaul
Collection by: FalseMana
-WIP- Replaces parts of L4D2 with Shingeki no Kyojin. ---Important--- Typing "snd_updateaudiocache" in the console commands can make the songs play a bit better. Make sure you follow the instructions for the following mods: *Attack on Titan/Shing...
L4D2 coop maps
Collection by: Drymouth
Collection of various workshop coop missions with theyre respective addons.
Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
Collection by: PancakePolice
a collection of workshop items that are TF2 themed. | P.S. All of these items are not all compatible with each other, I just put the subscribe to all button on because there are so many addons. Have a nice day! ***DISCLAIMER*** I did not make any o...
Eranthis HUD
Collection by: Captain Birdseye
A great collection of Eranthis great HUD mods. i do not own any of these items!
Joeguertin's Livestream Mods
Collection by: Joedaman
This is a collection of the mods I use on my stream www.twitch.tv/joeguertin They may require a little tweaking and disable the ones that conflict.
sugoi desu
Collection by: Anvil
K-Starr's Let's Build Collection
Collection by: The Henshin Killer: Keiro Scarr
A Collection if maps that use the "Let's Build" Gamemode by Rimrook
Cr1tikal's Surv1val Kit
Collection by: Guestbot
*A collection of L4D2 mods Cr1tikal used for his L4D2 gameplay and commentary. For Cr1tikal fans/those willing to try out these mods because, WHY NOT. (*Incomplete, some mods that appeared in The Parish Finale were left out due to incompatibility.) One ...
Kolekcja Vix'a
Collection by: Vix
Kolekcja zawiera nowe bronie, tekstury niektórych przedmiotów, skiny postaci i zarażonych, dźwięki, a także mapę testową.
Elfen Lied- Lilium Death Music
Collection by: ☩Day Man
These downloads replace the death music you hear on all L4D1&2 maps with Elfen Lied's opening theme, Lilium
Left 4 Dead Beta
Collection by: Piglet
A set of beta skins from L4D1.
World War II Weapon
Collection by: Roger_Stone
American:________________German:___________Russian: USMC Ka-Bar knife_________Walther P38________Mosin–Nagant M91/30 Colt M1911A1_____________MP-40 Winchester Model 1897_____Gewehr 41 Winchester Model 1912_____Mauser Kar-98k Ithaca 37______________...
Left 4 Memes 2 - (EPIC)
Collection by: Andrater
le epic game
Left 4 Portal 2
Collection by: Linard
Kaz's Big Damn Fiddle Collection
Collection by: Kaz
"The inspection was nothing but a smokescreen. I heard explosions, then... THEY PLAYED US LIKE A DAMN FIDDLE!" A collection of mods based around Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller's infamous line from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.
Collection by: Zoombie
Murica' needs no description. Detail is for commies, and smart people
Resident Evil in L4D2
Collection by: st-MK
Best Resident Evil mods for Left 4 Dead 2 found in Workshop.
Collection by: ☭Α&Ω☭☢
Hatsune Miku mods for L4D2
Collection by: Minty Swirls
this is all miku mods added to steam workshop help by rating up and ill make more collections and a request collection would be better (no innapropriat content plz) im not the creator of any of these all credit goes to creators and im sorry i dont hav a...
Kingdom hearts
Collection by: Yfandes
¤¤¤best infected skins collection¤¤¤
Collection by: Mongoro
this is the best collection of infected skins. they are not made by me but they are cool..... soo enjoy. have any questions or suggestions just tell me i WILL answer.
"Left 2 Starve" - The Don't Starve Collection
Collection by: Hatty Hattington
A collection of all the Don't Starve sound replacement mods. Download individually the ones of your choice or hit Subscribe to all should you want the full experience!
Monty Python Sound Mods - A Collection
Collection by: Vexed
A small collection of the sound mods I have created for L4D2, inspired by possibly the greatest comedy troupe in history... Monty Python! All the mods contained within are all pretty much still a work in progress and updates will be occurring as and whe...
Raging Bullet's Workshop
Collection by: [=AHC=] Raging Bullet™
This collection have all mods that I uploaded to the Workshop.
Doctor Who - Modpack
Collection by: Cappugino
Metro City Vehicles
Collection by: Eleanor Catherine
I'm a designer with an emergency vehicle fetish and this is what happens when you add those two things to Left 4 Dead... So, here are some retextures stock government vehicles with more design intensive liveries. Currently only includes the police car...
resident evil 6
Collection by: Mr.BlooDx
Markův seznam znevažující leftko
Collection by: MλЯ©Ω™ cZ
Cough Syrup
Collection by: White
For le' homo's that wanted this
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