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Raging Bullet's Workshop
Collection by: Raging Bullet
This collection have all mods that I uploaded to the Workshop.
L4D2 - Maps (Campaign, VS, Survival & Scavenge)
Collection by: m30w
Large maps are linked as collections at the bottom. More Maps coming as soon as more maps are added to workshop. Maps should also include: Arena of the Dead 2 v.5.0 (8.3 /10) http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=3571 Haunted Forest v.1.3 (9....
Collection by: Two Steps From Hell
A Game of Cages
Collection by: Mad_Guitarman_Josh
L4D2 5 Star Campaigns
Collection by: Joh
L4D2 Campaigns with 5 stars
Weapon skins
Collection by: The Cynical Sassoverlord
These are just skins for weapons and are purely cosmetic but they help if you're feeling sick of the generic weapons NOTE: I don't own anything here these are simply weapon mods I enjoy and want to share with you. As an added note whilst you can insta...
Collection by: Crazy4Ever
Giveing you some cool Healthbars
Tя!cky's Music & Sound ツ
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
My Music and Sounds
jaguar's L4D2 Collection
Collection by: jag # Lolla
Shotgun's EMS mutations
Collection by: shotgunefx
Mutations that I've authored for L4D2 Beta Tank Slayer The DAMNED THINGS Tiny TERROR SI Plus BIG Terror -more to come
CS:GO AK-47 Skins
Collection by: affroh
AK-47 Skins ported from CS:GO
Tda Append Collection 8 Survivors Edition
Collection by: Hand Sonic
Full collection of Tda Append Survivors Mods
Steins;Gate Concert Collection
Collection by: Ċhieƒ
Collection of two mods that add Steins;Gate themed concert music and posters.
PandaNeko's Collection! >:D
Collection by: ~MєnmaaJ.Reus ツ
Its Fun! :DDD
Collection by: TERMINATOR
Touhou L4D2
Collection by: Kneesocks
Heads Will Roll
Collection by: Dracrius
Aim for the head or join the dead! Based on work done by LoadedAK47 in his Gamemodes Script Pack and Trashy Spartan's Real Size Magazines and M16-SCAR Swap (with bigger smg clips to match the P90's I like to use but are not included in this mod). Welcome ...
StarFox Pack
Collection by: BecomingBig E
Almost everything that has to do with StarFox will be in this collection.
Russian Weapon Pack (from Stalker, Metro 2033)
Collection by: Roger_Stone
List of Weapons: Knife: Stalker's Hunting Knife. Pistols: Makarovs. Shotguns: Toz-87; Toz-194; Baikal MP-153; KS-23. Sub-machine Gun: AK-47; AK-74M; AKS-74u; AK-12; 9A-91; AN-94. Sniper Rifle: VSS Sniper; Zastava М76; Mosin-Nagant 91/30; Dragunov ...
Left 4 Dead 2 Ilustre
Collection by: Calculín
Para el ilustrismo.
Left 4 Awesome
Collection by: Tlim
Collection by: [JPN]FENIX S
Just for Friends
Collection by: Blazed Wolf
The Full Weeb Pack
Collection by: Macaroni™
ayy lmao
Stargate Atlantis Survival Map (Collection)
Collection by: Sweetie Bot
The city of Atlantis is abandoned, thousands of years ago and you accidentally came through the Stargate and with the city with almost no power you can't dail out! Now you need to survive from the infected people inside Atlantis coming to kill you! Thi...
Wu-Tang Collection
Collection by: Traxellus
Replaces a lot of the music & a few sounds to Wu-Tang Clan. I will be making more & at some point will be adding a list of what Wu songs are replacing the originals.
Grey's Realism Mods
Collection by: jawhny knoppersen
Not all of these mods are mine. In fact, only the realistic blood seen in the preview pic is mine. However, all of these mods work together to make a splendid and realistic Left 4 Dead 2 that is still much more fun to play.
AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Collection by: AymericTheNightmare
AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Collection by: Pumpwolf
Collection by: FARTER
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