Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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For Mex
Collection by: Remaxer
For Da bich
the best things of thing
Collection by: The Pharoh's Purse
An assortment of the most comical and appealing downloadable items with which you may use within the game to enhance the gameplay to a style more suiting of your sophisticated playing abilities, whether it be to create a fun and easy environment for you t...
Left 4 Dead 2 stuff
Collection by: iD| ♫☣☢☯Chu-Chu☯☢☣♫
Left for mario
Collection by: Hero mann
Derp Zombies
Collection by: Lwood262
Yo dawg I herd you liek derp, so we put a derp with your derp so you can derp while you derp.
Badass apycolypse
Collection by: james
2 Kawaii 2 Live
Collection by: Dos
TwinHaro Collection
Collection by: TwinHaro
My Collection -Survivors -Boomer -Charger -Tank -Weapons -Item -Sounds
L4d2 bwarg
Collection by: David911rs
Collection by: Click_Click_Boom[GER]
simple left 4 dead 2 items (mods)
Collection by: SCP-999
Just some simple mods i think are cool lol he has no stars yet
Oh God
Collection by: Sensei
Sum Shtuf
Bill-X's 5 buck box
Collection by: Bill-X
A new pack with a lot of changes to the original game and new melee and modded cs weapons included.
Let Lemon's Live! Pack
Collection by: Draekoon
Left 4 dead
Collection by: Moist Anal Centipede
Collection by: 'Ants in My Eyes' Johnson
Collection by: BizarroPizza
Collection by: ★ĐeadmaŰ5★♫
Collection by: SCARYasianMIKE
Collection by: nightowl
Some of my favorite left 4 dead 2 maps
Collection by: Gray Senpie Please
ZeroKelvin's Ultimate Modded L4D2
Collection by: ZeroKelvin
A meticulously-collected menagerie of L4D2 addons, replacing all guns with better / more accurate models and several melee weapons with some of the better workshop mods. If possible, I've also added better firing sounds and relevant HUD icons for the new ...
Steel's subed mods
Collection by: Steel, Salvator Caetusfemina
Collection for friends to sub to :3
Collection by: Tendo
The Drake Pack
Collection by: Phantom Theif H
The one and only drake themed pack
new l4d set
Collection by: solace1044
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
Collection by: JamezXMassacre
HD HQ L4D2 Personal Improvement Pack. I made this so I don't have to dig through the workshop over and over again when I change things up.
Left 4 Dead: Best Around
Collection by: [MLH] Roland Starr
Stuff thats great
Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by: Shikaai
Collection by: DarkMonth
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