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Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Cylon
Left 4 Dead 2 Skinns and Sounds
Fairy Tail ~ Bundle
Collection by: EvoSteven↻ | ≪ϟᵢₒ–₀₁₁≫
Sound mod! All of my Fairy Tail work for L4D2 goes here, so if you want a 'full conversion' for L4D2, you may as well subscribe to the entire collection ;-)
L4D2-maketa server collection
Collection by: cybertorture
This is intended for use in my own steam group server, but fell free to use it. None of the content is my own all credits are to respected authors.
Collection by: NAÐE*acę // Regma
I wanted to put together a collection to appease all PAYDAY fans. I do not own any of these add-ons, and I don't claim any credit.
Overhaul HD Collection - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Collection by: Nyk
This collection contains mods which add a nice, new and HD look to the L4D2 world. The mods in this change everything I could get my hands on! All survivors, weapons, infected (both common and special), and even any miscellaneous items I could find! An...
Campaigns For L4D2
Collection by: AlphaHunterTwelve
A collection of all the campaigns i can find.
PTPM Characters
Collection by: Rambopappa
Bunch of models rigged from GTA, used in PTPM.
anime is NOW real
Collection by: wailomün
Left 4 Borderlands
Collection by: Dr. Baconbits
Want to remake Borderlands for your Left 4 Dead 2 game? Then look no further! Here you can find many mods to turn your dream into a reality!
Umineko: Concert of the Golden Witch Collection
Collection by: Thunder-Slash
This collection of addons serves to replace the sounds and posters in the Dark Carnival concert finale with Umineko no Naku Koro ni themed ones.
The Ultimate Modpack
Collection by: Ryan The Arab
These are the collections I use, feel free to leave some "constructive criticism" in the comments.Remember if you have mods already downloaded make sure these are compatible. I did not make these mods, so credit is given to creators.If you have any issues...
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: ‘ The LastxFight -
L4D2 pack :A
Collection by: Myslaw
Pack of best modificatios :D
John Cena Essentials
Collection by: shoes
All you need for a "Cena Certified" Left 4 Dead 2 experience, enjoy!
Headshot Paradise - L4D2 crosshair collection
Collection by: Quenelle. L4D2 cstm cmpgns grp
Collection of all the crosshairs i made. They are made to aim more accuratly and comfortably, especialy when playing on high resolutions. With thoose crosshairs headshots are more reliable and easier. People interrested in minimal UI/HUD will also be h...
Alien Xeno Collection.
Collection by: Mauvias
I put these together so I could link them to my friends who like killing xenos more than zombies. It includes a selection of weapons that are more in keeping with the Colonial Marines (we even have the fast firing combat pistol!!) Have tested it all a...
Alyx Pack
Collection by: Honey Bunches Of Swag
Has files related to Alyx.
Batman Trilogy - Film Score
Collection by: Mystro
This colection contains all of the Batman Trilogy - Film Score parts. Enjoy! Together, all part are just over 600MB.
Revolters Custom Maps - Beta
Collection by: Kisuke
Conjunto de mapas que estão rolando no servidor de mapas custom do revolters. Para poder jogar procure os administradores Kisuke Hollow, Druida ou Killall no teamspeak do revolters. O mapa Suicide Blitz foi removido da coleção. Apesar de bom ele bu...
Attack of the Bluegrass: Music Collection
Collection by: Doc
A mountain music makover for: - Special Infected - Jukebox (coming soon) - Menu (coming soon) - Dark Carnival Finale (coming soon) - Credits (coming soon)
Collection by: LethalGoat
Collection just to get our local playgroup in sync.
Mods that all work together
Collection by: TotalChaos935
These are Mods that I enjoy and that(except for Anti-riot mod) will work together if they are all turned on. I recommend to turn off the Anti-riot mod, and if you are using the anti-riot mod, then you should disable all mods, except for the new campaign m...
TGK| Seko - Sound Mod
Collection by: TGK| SeKo
Alex's L4D thing emporium. Yep. Good.
Collection by: Alex
*Insert witty remarks here* 10/10 - IGN.
L4D2 My Collection
Collection by: Miguel
shreddedbullet's Reccomended Starter Mods
Collection by: [ZuWh] shreddedbullet
New to the world of L4D2 Mods but don't know where to start? This collection will start you out with the best mods that will improve the game for you and get you started with your mod collection!
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Collection by: [MHD] Hatsune Mikuo
Neptune und ihre Freunde --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neptune 8 Pack ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Two Best Friends Play Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Miller
The hypest collection on the Left 4 Dead 2 workshop! A collection of mods based on the Canadian Let's Play series "Two Best Friends Play".
Smokeys Pack
Collection by: Smokey420
Shingeki No Kyojin Overhaul
Collection by: FalseMana
-WIP- Replaces parts of L4D2 with Shingeki no Kyojin. ---Important--- Typing "snd_updateaudiocache" in the console commands can make the songs play a bit better. Make sure you follow the instructions for the following mods: *Attack on Titan/Shing...
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