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Reds | TellTale's Walking Dead | Collection
Collection by: RedKenrok
A mod collection to make the game look a little like TellTale's Walking Dead. So far no new infected models. Works with Reds | Basic Improvements | Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=281446238
Reds | Lord Of The Rings | Collection
Collection by: RedKenrok
A small collection of mods to play the Helms deep campaign with. Works with Reds | Basic Improvements | Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=281446238
left 4 dead 2 addons i use
Collection by: SkyGuy
these are the addons i use on this game
Walking Dead Complete Collection
Collection by: [TUN] Sir Lenopow
Full collection of the best Walking Dead game mods.
Collection by: Morgan Freeman
The Walking Dead
Collection by: ReDeom
The Walking Dead
L4D2 addons 2
Collection by: Straw Hat~Myztugan
Helms Deep Assult
Collection by: OverlyCreativeName
A collection of mods for the Helms Deep map.
Goofy Ass Giggles!
Collection by: (B.C.N) SPACE LENIN !
A Collection of Goofy Ass Addons!
Dovah Gear
Collection by: Theslayer55
filled with weps and player models.
campain collection
Collection by: lone wolf games
a fun collection of campains whit the addons you need to play the maps
Full survivor replacement
Collection by: White Spirit
Collection by: 金木 研 Kaneki Ken
Collection by: 金木 研 Kaneki Ken
RE collctions
Collection by: 金木 研 Kaneki Ken
collection mods cartoon L4D2
Collection by: Dem0n-T0rnireX
awp 1337
Collection by: LALLEBSWE
Collection by: The_Fallen_Pie
Hehe, wrong game
Just for fun
Collection by: kryptoniteBush
Collection by: シセル Shiseru
Collection by: FuccboiRD
The collections
Collection by: Wave
Collection by: Laugh
The addons I use (for friends use)
Collection by: [R-PD]NateRate
Just the addons I use. I just made this so my friends could easly download the things I use.
Collection by: t3h_SpAdEs
CupcakezNfrands personal Skinset
Collection by: Cupcakes And Stuff
Firepaw's Collection
Collection by: Firepaw
My old mod set-up
Collection by: Zomus
This is an old mod set-up I had. Unfortunately, some of the mods I had are no longer on the Steam Workshop. Making this so I don't forget them. If you use this, you will likely have to use sv_consistency 0.
My L4D2 Mod Pack
Collection by: Bill
what i use in L4D2 The Workshop does not have this mod wich i have heres the link for yall: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/4148 hope yall enjoy my PACK of mods for your enjoyment of L4D2
bright 10 year old l4d2
Collection by: Lombin
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