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Treasure of gentlemen
Collection by: Evil Gold
These are my favourite ones.
Collection by: ThatOpKraken
Serious Fun
Collection by: SenpaiSamaChanKun
Try to take the game seriously after these
Vextec's L4D2 collection
Collection by: Vextec
Left 4 Dead 2 - moja kolekcja
Collection by: Aramandur
Zbiór kilku niepowiązanych tematycznie modyfikacji nieco uatrakcyjniających rozgrywkę.
Collection by: FARTER
Havent tried
Collection by: FARTER
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Kaluxa
Private game pack
Collection by: Dante Mackie
Private game pack
Collection by: JIec9 ღ
Collection by: Korokororo
It is a Sound Pack
Collection by: A. Pajander
Mark5: L4D2 Pick N' Choose Mutation Collection
Collection by: AKMARK5000
Mark5: L4D2 Pick N' Choose Mutation Collection is made up of individual Mutations (a.k.a. mods). Note that some combinations might not work together or cancel each other out. So, I put this together as a place to keep all my favorite mutations (a.k.a....
Serious mods
Collection by: _Connor
Left 4 Dead 2 Serious mods
The Hypest Skins
Collection by: The Almighty Dirge
Some of the most bomb-ass L4D2 mods on the Workshop!
When Steam Breaks My Shit
Collection by: Arc
This is a collection that I am making for myself so I can more easily re-download all the workshop addons that I use because Steam has not once, not twice, but three times emptied my workshop addon folder and made me have to redownload them all, so rather...
Collection by: pyster
A collection of no-map stuff i like,
Mark5: L4D2 Pick N' Choose Clothing Skins Collection
Collection by: AKMARK5000
Mark5: L4D2 Pick N' Choose Clothing Collection is made up of individual Workshop items (a.k.a. mods). Basically mere skins to wear on chareter and weapon models, but may contain related sounds, scripts, animations, etc.. Note that some combinations m...
Yay for Product Placement!
Collection by: Poosly, Da Weasel Geek
I combined a few mods that are out there to add a level of realism to the game by adding real products. Enjoy the product integration.
The Humble L4D2 Mod Bundle (Mods I use.)
Collection by: Mr. Bobo Risin'
Here's the mods I use, All Great Mods, but *some* may break the immersion for some people, i just think that the ones that do are pretty cool, and you have a diffrent point of view from that so I don't care. (Warning: Conflicting Mods, just turn the Mods ...
Sodalitas Infragilis - L4D2 Mod Set
Collection by: Calupulus
The Mods used in L4D2 by the Head of the Sodalitas Infragilis, Calupulus.
Left for lol
Collection by: xBRITx RaGe
golden ktana
Collection by: *[PANIC]*
Collection by: figgles
Skyboxes that I like.
Collection by: Joelcolon4you
My LAN collection
Collection by: Hебо ☭
Nothing, its just so my friends can download meh shit
Collection by: Rackbal
La collection BrB format mini.
Collection by: Lucifer
Tank music
Collection by: figgles
Tank music that I like.
Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: Arradius
Random collection of the mods I'm using.
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