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Weapon skins
Collection by: Rainbow Ninja
These are just skins for weapons and are purely cosmetic but they help if you're feeling sick of the generic weapons NOTE: I don't own anything here these are simply weapon mods I enjoy and want to share with you. As an added note whilst you can insta...
A Game of Cages
Collection by: Mad_Guitarman_Josh
Shotgun's EMS mutations
Collection by: shotgunefx
Mutations that I've authored for L4D2 Beta Tank Slayer The DAMNED THINGS Tiny TERROR SI Plus BIG Terror -more to come
Beta mod (Style and Stuffs)
Collection by: Chad/Pan
Beta both L4D1 AND L4D2 to hardcore Left 4 dead fans alike...
L4D2 - GUI, Reskins, & Maps
Collection by: lil_meow
My collection of GUI's, reskins and maps. Within the main collection there are: GUI, flashlight, graphic filters, crosshairs, etc. Subcategories include: - Audio/Sound - Guns (including weapon sound mods) - Items - Campaigns/Maps - Mutation...
Deathcraft map stuffs
Collection by: jss295
Mods and map sections necesary for the Deathcraft II campain.
Triplehead HUD Fixes
Collection by: Jackal Frost
This is a collection of HUD fixes for playing L4D2 in triplehead. If you do not know what triplehead is, you do not need these.
Left 4 Awesome
Collection by: Tlim
Assassin's Creed Mods/Skins
Collection by: Dethly
Bunch of AC stuffs, pretty simple. If you're someone who made an AC themed mod and would like to add to this collection, just tell me.
L4D2 - Guns/Melee
Collection by: lil_meow
A sub-collection of gun & melee skins/sounds.
Classic Toon Sounds - Items and Actions
Collection by: [HomuHomu] IJ
This is a collection of my Classic Toon Sounds packs for Left 4 Dead 2. This one focuses primarily on items and actions. These sounds come primarily from Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons with a few that are, identifiably, from Ha...
PandaNeko's Collection! >:D
Collection by: PandaNeko
Its Fun! :DDD
JiChaMa's Texture Mod Collection
Collection by: Ji Ch aMa
Collection of the best Left 4 Dead 2 Texture Mods! I hope you enjoy it!
Left 4 Dead 2 - Realism Mods
Collection by: Volcanus
A collection that makes the game more realistic in general, including game-changing mods, graphical improvements, better skins and other stuff. Pressing the 'Subscribe to all' button is recommended. The main item in this collection is 'The Ultimate Rea...
Collection by: FARTER
Collection by: TERMINATOR
Nyan Cat Healing
Collection by: Qwazzy
Nyan Cat healing - both kit skin and healing sound.
AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Collection by: AymericTheNightmare
AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Fingers' Favorite Realism Mods L4D2
Collection by: ₪.₪ Fingers
With the exception of the character skins, this collection gives the game a more realistic feel. After playing the game so long I was beginning to get bored and these items were able to help breath new life into the experience for me. To summarize, al...
-=Left 4 (saltwort) Dead 2=-
Collection by: -=PA=- Colonel Devastator
Different interesting modifications will here. Something as far as possible they will be added or removed. I use these modifications in a game. All authors and their creations - are on the right! And i thank them for it!
Tя!cky's TV Mods ツ
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
My TV Mods
Steins;Gate Concert Collection
Collection by: Ċhieƒ Łollɑpɑlooʐɑ 美
Collection of two mods that add Steins;Gate themed concert music and posters.
Glowing Deployable Packs
Collection by: Belphi
This is my collection of Glowing Deployable Packs, hope you like all items in it, enjoy! DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE THEM! :)
Star Wars
Collection by: Laalimir
Contains: CI Replaced with Storm Troopers (Common Infected) Common Infected Battle Droid (Common Infected) Imperial Survivors (Survivors) 501st Clone Trooper Coach (Coach) Darth Maul Hunter (Hunter) Tank Vader (Tank) Tancor [Rancor over Tank] (Ta...
MineCrafterz L4D2 Collection
Collection by: ­
So I saw there wasn't many minecraft collections for L4D2 (all time favorite game, besides minecraft of course :) And so, I made it a priority to bring myself, and the community a single collection that we can call "the full package"! which will includ...
Heads Will Roll
Collection by: Dracrius
Aim for the head or join the dead! Based on work done by LoadedAK47 in his Gamemodes Script Pack and Trashy Spartan's Real Size Magazines and M16-SCAR Swap (with bigger smg clips to match the P90's I like to use but are not included in this mod). Welcome ...
My Little Survivors: Zombies Are Deadly
Collection by: [Reddit] Mjax Majoran
This Summer; Exprience The Manly phenonmenon every Manly man has been raving about! MY LITTLE SURVIVORS; ZOMBIES ARE DEADLY! [Demanded By: The Fake Entertainment Ratings Board] "Rated P for Practically Playful & Painful Pony Pack!" FEATURING: ...
Left 4 Dead 2 Ilustre
Collection by: Calculin
Para el ilustrismo.
Russian Weapon Pack
Collection by: Roger_Stone
List of Weapons: Knife: Stalker's Hunting Knife. Pistols: Makarovs. Shotguns: Toz-87; Toz-194; Baikal MP-153; KS-23. Sub-machine Gun: AK-47; AK-74M; AKS-74u; AK-12; 9A-91; AN-94. Sniper Rifle: VSS Sniper; Zastava М76; Mosin-Nagant 91/30; Dragunov ...
MrGh0sty's Mutations
Collection by: TSOU_Delta
My mutations UPCOMING MUTATIONS Cry Of The Lady - All Witches World of Tanks - All Tanks Adrenaline Rush - Adrenaline Only Pain Killers - Pills Only
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