Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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L4D 2 !!
Collection by: [MAD6]<SoniAni>Jukido
Niz Collection
Collection by: Nizman
It's a collection for James, Kevin, and Blake
Collection by: John
weapons, skins, sounds.
My Addons
Collection by: bekkahxbaybee
L4D2 mods n stuff
Collection by: {Chipotle} Pinhead Larry
Kanashrak's Zombie Experience
Collection by: Kanashrak
Kick-Ass Mods from random people to make L4D2 that much less repetitive
Collection by: Arcadian Crush
Seeking to Seize
Collection by: Asphyxia
Just to back up and or let people see how I set up my game.
Bluesroo Mods for Friends
Collection by: Bluesroo
Just the stuff I like in a place where friends can find it easily. Note: THERE ARE CONFLICTS. For some weapons there are multiple skins because I like more than one.
Cheat like a baws
Collection by: sad girl with no friends
Tired of the metagame? The ragequits, the noobs that skip items, die then suck heals, then ragequit, useless bots, the micspam, the lag? Want to do it yourself but don't want to bother playing until you can solo it? Terrible collection graphic include...
Collection by: [M8S] Jimbo
Pandas United
Collection by: AznOnslaught [Sea Panda!]
Friends use, and moore.
Mods L4D
Collection by: ☠GhostRay
Просто тупо коллекция.
the greatest l4d2 mods of All Time
Collection by: snake019
i dunno justy install it O K
Collection by: ShadowWolfHount
This show all the HALO mod in L4D made by some moders
Collection by: baked.
It´s just a collection of items i like^^
Collection by: (C) FatheredPuma81
Its my colection not urs!
First one
Collection by: 수1
Spicy's L4D2 Collection (FYI You'll hate it)
Collection by: Spicy Internets
The rediculous zombie menace mixup collection #1
Collection by: TORR ☣♥☮
Its a collection of mods i use to spice up zombies (CI) and the specials
Collection by: j.scott.bellows1
Collection by: ndhhalflife2
guns and some stuff
Friends only
Collection by: Skull (Upgraded computer)
Collection by: TheSpartan
L4D2 Collection
Collection by: ΔLEF93
Collection sur le jeu Left 4 Dead 2
RE6 LP collection
Collection by: GioPlu
pico con la descripcion!
Collection by: WinkieTime
Custom Campaigns
Collection by: TrueBlue312
The campaigns I play for co-oping with friends. WARNING! Disable all other addons when enabling Deathcraft, and disable Deathcraft when done playing it.
Collection by: horrorizer
2019 campaig
Collection by: FreshMan
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