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Meme World
Collection by: Aerial Ace FiM
Just a collection of random bullshit.
Pipa's collection.
Collection by: Piparipoika
Just some maps and mods for me and my friends. This includes the following campaign maps: - Warcelona - 2019 - A Dam Mission - Crash Bandicoot: The Return of Dr. Cortex - Kokiri Forest - Back to School - Death Mountain - Blackout Basement - R...
Tя!cky's Carnival Concerts
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
Experience music from a wide-range of diverse Artists & Legendary Bands.
Collection by: Urik
This is my crosshair implementation for L4D2. It uses a material that's present in game by default and doesn't draw/never used. So you don't get a checkerboard texture if you choose to not use any crosshair. Also, it only draws for survivor hud. Have ...
Tomb Raider 2013
Collection by: Oachkatzlschwoaf™
This is a collection of Tomb Raider 2013 characters. Until now there is only Lara and Roth but it will follow Alex (WIP already) and Jonah So check this site for updates Lara = Rochelle Roth = Nick Alex = Ellis Jonah = Coach
Left 4 Evil Dead
Collection by: Kaz
A totally groovy collection of mods that are based around the Evil Dead film series. Hail to the King, baby.
Left 4 Dead 2 HD Pack
Collection by: Gas Mask >.<
Aproveitem os mods. :)
Real World Apocalypse
Collection by: Festive V.I.P. Pyro™
This collection will give you the Real Life Feeling during The Apocalypse. It contains Real Life Zombies, Real Life Supplies, Real Life Objects, and Alternative Costumes for the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors. Enjoy your time. :)
Left 4 Otaku 2
Collection by: Hakary <3
This collection implements in your game references to various anime and also used as a survivor ROXAS. WARNING: Many of these mod such as "Date a Live BG" must perform a specific job with "GCFScape" to install them.
Walking Dead Collection
Collection by: [3FTL] Laser-Velociraptor
A small mod collection featuring my custom Walking Dead mod, and various Userskins made by awesome people!
Coach Survivors
Collection by: Splinks
Model Replacements That Only Effect Coach
Sonic the Hedgehog Weapons
Collection by: ✳~Voltaic da Festive Wolfy~✳
Reskins of guns based off the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise! Please enjoy c: Not all of these reskins belong to me.
Collection by: Urik
Default modules for SimpleHUD. Click on "subscribe to all" button to subscribe to all.
Colored Laser Sights
Collection by: eltoy 1337
Thanks. Check out other mods: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=161055097 IF MOD NOT WORKING 1) Wait 2 minutes at the main menu to mod loaded. 2) Check your addons to conflicts.
Dinosaurs Inherit The Earth
Collection by: Rainidear
All of the mods used by Twitch.tv/Rainicorn that are available on the Steam Workshop.
Omgot's Customized Pack
Collection by: {ōmgōt} ŤĤĀŃĶ ŸǾÜ ®
Omgot's Customized Pack is made up of a few addons that will enhance your L4D2 experience!
Gemi 레포데2 맵, 패치
Collection by: GEMI
-애드온 목록- Team Health Counter (HUD에 팀체력 표시) Starbucks Coffee (Pills) (알약을 스타벅스로 ㅋㅋ) -맵목록- 우주맵 Space Jockeys The Return of the Jockeys 유적맵 Wormwood Mob Stadium 2012 서바이벌맵 -...
MW2 Intervention camos
Collection by: DeathFlash
All the skin for the intervention from mw2 that i've made.
RWBY Skins
Collection by: Wolpharion [Be]
Here, you can find all my RWBY related skins. I hope you like them! :)
Demi Lovato Mods
Collection by: ミLovatic彡
My friend made me these mods. His name is Knappy. And I thank him for this Death Music: Heart By Heart Tank Music:Heart Attack (Heavy Metal/Rock version) Concert: Neon Lights + Neon lights remix (for tank) + Unbroken + posters
Stuff for a more 'cinematic' experience.
Collection by: sdpad22
This collection contains a list of modifications from various modders which will (probably) enhance your experience with the game.
Custom Menu Icons
Collection by: Alcatraz Zombie
This is a collection of my menu icon mods. So far I only have a few of these up but I plan to do more in the future so check back frequently to see of you find anything you like. If you have a request please read this first. http://steamcommunity.com/shar...
AleXXT's Awesome L4D2 Sounds
Collection by: AleXXT
This is my own sound collection only created by me. I'll upload nice sounds and reedit them for this game. You want to use them? So use them as yours!
My Little Apocalypse- Infection is Magic
Collection by: Princess Luna
Short demonstration video here: http://youtu.be/-xqqSEaidGI This is a collection/modpack of all the My Little Pony mods available to the workshop (or at least, all that I can find). If you'd like to submit a modpack, give me it's link in the comments (...
Collection by: Skolebollemannen
ven u momn get hoe m an she makek da spegoeti #swegvei spokd
Every Cool Character I Know Of
Collection by: Ben McLean
The inside gaming collection By 'De M0 555'
Collection by: De M0 555
I made this wonderfull collection for the fine folks at inside gaming to have fun with playing left for dead 2. Bruces beard, Makes me cri evreytim.
Glowing Deployable Packs
Collection by: Belphi
This is my collection of Glowing Deployable Packs, hope you like all items in it, enjoy! DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE THEM! :)
Timesplitters Characters
Collection by: IlGropple
All the characters From Timesplitters ported in Left 4 Dead 2 will be here! And maybe some Tank Sound and stuff like that.
For Better Realism/HD and More Shocking
Collection by: BlueHollow
HD Textures more Gore and Shocking!!!
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