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Good-Looking/Top Rated Campaigns
Collection by: Matahri Nui
I DID NOT CREATE ANY CAMPAIGNS! It's just a collection of campaigns that I think look pretty good, plus they are top-rated, and top rated usually get the good side, so everyone likes em in most cases...
N30's Collection 2
Collection by: ☆N30☆
Mods I Find Fun, Cool, and Humorous.
Collection by: LukeH117
This is a collection of mods I use in L4D2. They are either humorous or cool and fun little additions to the game like the Tank Hill mod, replacing the regular audio of the Tank with Hank Hill from King of the Hill. Some of these mods will not work tog...
Collection by: ZRH3H
Lotr Pack
Collection by: Killmaster
Fun stuff
L4D2 Essential Add-ons
Collection by: mattstartquick
A collection of my favorite add-ons for Left 4 Dead 2 that I think deserves everyone's attention! They're all just so good!
Tubtu's L4D2 MODS
Collection by: Tubtu
It is mods
for later
Collection by: The Luxurious John
works together 2014-01-10
Collection by: The Luxurious John
these seem to work together
Collection by: bad sponge
7|-|1$ 1$ 4 r34LL'/ 900D /\/\0D p4(|< Ph0r \/1D30 94/\/\3 pUr1$7$ 4|\|D |-|4rD(0r3 r4Z3r Ph4|\|$ L1|<3 /\/\3. 937 7|-|1$ 70 |-|3LP 1/\/\Pr0\/3 j00r 360 |\|0$(0P1|\|9 this is a really good mod pack for video game purists and hardcore razer fans like me....
Collection by: mmmmblocking out the haters
Gold weapons for L4D2
Halo Mods for Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Jonhimitsu
Collection by: PSICOMINGUEL
L4D stuff
Collection by: Siderk
GGCP L4D2 set
Collection by: Dreadmaster231 - [Ggcp/NNM/DML]
mi coleccion left 4 dead !!!!
Collection by: S3bAst1An
las cosas estan buenas y las texturas igual...y.... no se
Collection by: Panna
Collection by: Microsoft Word
Chucky's Left 4 Dead 2 collection
Collection by: Kermit The Thug
left 4 dead
Collection by: drogonicoverlord
boomer's real puke sound
Collection by: XxHellzGuardian
this wiill replace when the boomer pukes on u to boomer"s real puke thnk-you to jolly rotten for testin this
A spiffy collection
Collection by: thegrandpoobah [GGS]
Stuff I use. I only use the Zero skin from the Borderlands 2 suvivor pack which can be found solo here: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=22519
Collection by: FrozenNinja
For us. k.
MGH Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by: Centauri Soldier
A collection of all the Left 4 Dead 2 mods that MGH clan members play.
Coach Cop
Collection by: [WASHDOGZ] Epic Smiley Face
Bender's Toybox
Collection by: The Warden
only the best collection you've ever seen
Zum Zocekn
Collection by: NeMeSiS
dude map/mod
Collection by: NLAW | Venator Mythis
for freinds
Collection by: Diox
mods wtf
TMA Buddies
Collection by: Torchmaster
For TMA, heres a few mods to make sure you can connect to the servers we play. Also dont look below perferably, expesually you Shorty. i have a few suprises for you. Alright guess you want to look!
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