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L4D2 Better Textures
Collection by Enoch0o
Left 4 Dead 2 Addons
Collection by YouRun
Left 4 Dead 2 Addons!!!
Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Campaigns
Collection by jj.Rinzler
Welcome to my L4D2 Custom Campaign collection! This collection contains most of the Custom Campaigns that are available on the Workshop. I will try to add most new and old Custom Campaigns to this collection whenever I can . I hope you enjoyed thi...
내가 쓰는 렢데2 몸집
Collection by Dark [Ghost]
Collection by Nicholas is cool
minecraft stuff
Stuff that im using (L4D2)
Collection by Tigershark Boogaloo | Kung Fury
Collection by IvAN-dA-k1NG-[MB]/A/-A-/Bant/
Left 4 Dead 2 collection
Collection by Bull3T
L4D2 Get Real Mods
Collection by Michael Duggan
This is a collection of my favorite mods, ones that make playing a survive in a zombie outbreak seem more real and grittier.
L4D2 Used Add-ons for Sync
Collection by Mandrill
Left4Dead MEGA Collection
Collection by xXGeronimo
random crap that has changed almost everything (that can be changed) IN THE GAME! All mods ar compatible and will work mulitiplayer.
Zappy's L4D2 Modlist
Collection by Oh My Gosh, I Hate Canada
left 4 dead 951
Collection by fabrizzio951
Noah"s evil spawns & plotting tools
Collection by Noah
Si senor
HD L4D2 Original ( try )
Collection by Steph
Hello I tried to gather the most HD textures if possible with the most similarities with the original textures . Sorry for some textures that take over brands, I don't like the concept, though it's in HD. Tip: don't subscribe to everything, select mods...
Collection by Kung Führer
A collection of good (or adequate at the very least) mods that I found scattered about the Workshop. I will mostly add weapon reskins/remodels, as that is what I primarily use.
Stuff Cannon Uses
Collection by Cannon0176
STUFF I USE (and don't use)
L4D2 Booster Pack
Collection by Mr. Snyder
Some stuff to improve upon the look of the base game but while keeping the original items intact. I tried filling this with as many HD remodels and retextures as I could, but it ended up chugging the performance of the game massively... So, I just replace...
Collection by 엿사랑
Для зомби
Collection by Sto3IV
Left 4 Dead 2: Zoey Mods Collection
Collection by KING
A massive collection of the best Zoey Mods on the Steam Workshop! This collectiong does not include character/model replacers, only the core mods that modify Zoey herself. If you create any new Zoey mods, comment on this collection with a link to it and I...
Resident Evil
Collection by Grant
L4D2 mods
Collection by Namelessone453
The mods we'll probably be using for multi.
The Silent Hill Experience
Collection by AlainTheFrench
Taste your fear in a revamped Silent Hill ambience package. Chosen by AlainTheFrench. Tags: Silent Hill, Siren, Collection, Pack, L4D, L4D2, Dark, Ambient, ComHAnimal Clan.
Custom Weapons
Collection by Octave
weapon reskins and some custom sounds
Hacks L4D2 Kollektion
Collection by Hackntot
Für mehr geballer in L4D2
maps and shiz
Collection by shake
Mis Favoritos Left 2 Dead 2
Collection by Chriss
Aqui estan mis Favoritos Mod,Addons,Sounds,ETC De este fenomenal juego :D estoy seguro que te llevaras mas de UNO :D Saludos Chriss.
Sub'd maps
Collection by .n00bz. r0adKill
for mah peeps
Gold L4D2
Collection by ✪ Alrego ♛
Some awesome gold reskins helpful for you and me enjoy. :)
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