Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
Discover and download new maps, Add-ons, Mutations and more! Want to try your hand at modding or want to upload your mod to Steam? Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: Shambo2170
Collection by: Soul
My Collection
Collection by: theblackwidower
Just a bunch of stuff I found, and didn't want to lose.
Tenzor's Standard-Issue
Collection by: Tenzor
All the custom maps we play with
Maps and other Stuff
Collection by: [AoW]-Violator-[Ger]
Collection by: Mr. Chucklesworth
Kingdom Hearts
Collection by: Sorxas
Kingdom Hearts Is One Of My Favourite Games With Disney Characters. :o
Quad's L4D2 Mods
Collection by: Quadriplegic
Modifies all weapons and items (I think) except for the M60, frying pan and golf club, plus a few environment mods. Does not affect survivors or infected.
ChensoCraft - L4D2
Collection by: |ChT| Sevenn
Cool Mods For L4D2
Collection by: =(DS)= Dutchsnake5™
This Is A Collection Of Cool Mods I Recommend For L4D2. These Are Compatible With Multiplayer So No Commands In Console are Needed
l4d2 private coop pack
Collection by: Zumby
for l4d2 coop with friends
Left 4 Laughs 2
Collection by: Zardica
APPERENTLY 2 FURRIES KISSING IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE. "So funny man, can't stop. Pick 1 of each song, kids."
High res texture mods
Collection by: Bobobro
A collection of high res textures, what else?
Smoke731mcb's Essentials
Collection by: Smoke731mcb
These are the workshop mods handpicked and tested by co-founder Smoke731mcb. borught to you by Pixel Pushers. Look us up on facebook!
Collection by: $W4G$TAR_BO$$
My L4D2 Mods (July,28,2013)
Collection by: ProjectBlueBrid
The mods that I use in L4D2. The brackets show last updated. (I needed a picture...)
Deaf's Hilarious L4D2 Blend
Collection by: Deaf2heart
Just funny stuff for my friends
Drobie's gaming palooza
Collection by: Kammath
A place where Drobie-and others throw our favored gaming mods together.
Collection by: Catspwnall
my mods.
Collection by: tripadox
My stuff
Collection by: Frost Deamon 45
My stuff
My Collection
Collection by: MizuDG
Awesome Left 4 Dead 2 Music
Collection by: Jak Sizzle
Basically, this replaces most of the music in L4D2. They're mostly Halo and Pacific Rim themes, which are really awesome!!! (And no, I ain't a Pacific Rim geek.)
Collection by: Copeland
NerdTronJJ's All in one
Collection by: NerdTronJJ
All I have you have
My content pack.
Collection by: Pokefreak303
Just incase I lose my stuff on L4D2
My stuff.
Collection by: Pokefreak303
Because logic.
Sound Mods
Collection by: Coin of Silence
Most common sound mods that users should not live without. Unless some jerkass creates an add-on that collides with files repeatedly!
Fun mods
Collection by: | shro |
The is an unsorted collection of fun mods i've found. I do not own any of these mods and they probably wont work well together. You shouldnt download any of them, cause they will break your game.
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