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Halloween Collection 2014
Collection by: green
Halloween mods that I made. Mods replace this game content: - ammo stack - menu background sound - common infected - pills - menu selection and logo - pain indicator MORE COMING SOON!
Halloween Mods Depository
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
Depository of everyones Halloween Mods
Halloween Collection
Collection by: Kami'aka'ZE
Congratulations to all with fun Halloween! and With all Saints Day! Pumpkins, candy, decorations, characters in costumes, etc. We are waiting for you! Swoops! Oh yeah don't forget to say "trick or treat!" before you subscribe to fashion)) BU-ha-ha-s...
LEFT 4 DEAD 2 Essential Visual Enhancements
Collection by: BØNES ◢B4ST4RDS OF OLD E4RTH
Downtown Dine - Dead End
Collection by: GShock
Downtown Dine - Dead End *Requires all 5 parts to play* The Lazarus Society Presents: DEAD END : Downtown Dine : The Lost Maps. These maps occur after map three of the original Down Town Dine Series. Our survivors had it harder then we imagined. The ...
L4D2 in the Future
Collection by: DJ dog
If you're tired of the present setting of the apocalypse and want to start the infection in the FUTURE, then this collection should surely help! The virus is now an alien cloning gene, and has mutated all infected individuals into aliens. The survivors p...
Collection by: ♥M8♥ ♠️Pink Jawa♠️
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reZ's L4D2 shiT
Collection by: ♥M8♥෴reZ™
Fun, sexy, and down right brilliant
L4D2 Skins & Replacers
Collection by: CrazyAssCC
Skins & Replacers I use or I'm considering using.
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