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Silent Hill for L4D2
Collection by: Mr.DancanplayCZE
This is the L4D2 version of the L4D1 Silent Hill, 12 maps long campaign created originally by Leafo. Crash fixed by Anmamiya X. Splitted into parts and uploaded to workshop by me. For best experience i recommend subscribing this addon... btw I dont k...
Forever Duke Collection
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
Forever Duke no conflict collection...
Vocaloid Mods
Collection by: 『Ene』 [目隠しダ]
Here have a List of all the "Vocaloid" Mods I have made. So feel free to choose your favorites once.
Left 4 Dead 2 HD Remake Pack
Collection by: Agent Spycrab
Alot of mods to suite you HD addict's needs!
S.A.S Counter Terrorist Audio
Collection by: Noire
Replaces Louis If it does not work on its own then replace the files directly left 4 dead 2\left4dead2_dlc3\sound\player\survivor\voice\manager
Team Fortress 2 Texture Pack
Collection by: Sprinklez
In the making...
Team Fortress 2 Skins
Collection by: W0LPH'
Here, you can find all my TF2 related skins. I home you'll like them :)
Left 4 Dead 2.5 [HD]
Collection by: Metalhead
----------------------- HD Left 4 Dead 2. ------------------------ -ENG -------- -sorry bad english -this is the collection of addons that I use -some mods are in conflict but it works normally -I will update as I find it necessary -I tried to ke...
Всё для хорошей и комфортной игры.
Collection by: Anna /BlackSilverHell
Здесь вы найдёте всё нужное для L4D2.
Tя!cky's HD Items ツ
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
My miscellaneous world items... some are animated
wot m8
Collection by: Symbio
Total swags
Collection by: Nitro-Mulle
total swag
Horror-Like Mods
Collection by: *Mute
A collection of mods to make Left for Dead a little bit scarier.
Mike's L4D2 Collection
Collection by: △Mike▽
Left4Zoeira BETA 1.0
Collection by: hclistenes
Just collecting random anime/geek and crazy themes. Creating this collection so my friends can use all of this crazy MODs, and you guys from Steam too. ^--^
Wolpharion's Requested Skins
Collection by: W0LPH'
Some skins people asked me to do. Hope you like it! :D
Team Fortress 2 Add-Ons For Left 4 Dead 2!
Collection by: [FeDoRa] REKTscope
This collection includes TF2 add-ons. Do not download them all, because they might conflict. These add-ons are not mine. I'm just sharing them!
Staryoshi06 mod selection
Collection by: staryoshi06
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