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Fallout HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for Fallout weapons.
CrossFire HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for CrossFire weapons.
Items HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for items.
HD| Weapon Retextures [WiP]
Collection by: Robert J. F. Calais
This collection contains my HD retextures for the default (and soon also custom) weapons, is currently a heavy work in progress and will get new content frequently.
"Beta" Left 4 Dead Gameplay
Collection by: doomddtb
Here I've created a list of add-ons that work well together in creating a somewhat beta feel to Left 4 Dead (Playable in L4D2).
Collection by: AbsoluteSoul
Titanfall Weapon pack
Zeno Clash - SNPCs Special Infected Models
Collection by: NovassavoN
such mod very collection wow
Collection by: Pølse
Collection by: Sir.JJ
A halo collection
Jorrit is een mongol pack #1 Hotfix 2 versie. 2.0.4
Collection by: Pansassinator
Jorrit is een mongol pack #1 Hotfix 2 verssie. 2.0.4
Dank Modz
Collection by: Captain Insano
Dankest of the dank
l4d2 mods
Collection by: UnR8ted
Collection by: StelarLuke
Only for use by SPRTBROS PLUS members.
Collection by: ▼ Shadow Freddy ▼
Collection by: {HEAD>HONCHO}>(@ L @ )<
The Collection for handsome people
Collection by: Wilt "Too Short" Chamberlin
My colllection
Collection by: BooFire
우앙 ! 이스킨 멋지당!
Collection by: Tiro_Finale
Left 4 Dead 2 RUINED
Collection by: Exquisite English Communist
Just a bunch of mods I use to ruin left 4 dead 2
Campaigns Smerg Uses
Collection by: Smerg the Dargon™ [PCMR]
All Non-Campaign Mods Smerg Uses
Collection by: Smerg the Dargon™ [PCMR]
wof wof Zer0 for Nick: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/7229
Left 4 Weeaboo
Collection by: ライケン
Weeaboo access only.
Collection by: AbsoluteSoul
KillingFloor Weapon Pack
L4D2 Randomness Pack
Collection by: Hisoka Minami
I don't know anymore....
Richard's Throwable Weapons Collection
Collection by: Richard
==Items== 1.Biochemical Grenade(For Pipe Bomb); 2.Death Fog(For Vomit Jar); 3.Dragon Launcher(For Grenade Launcher); 4.Taiwan Beer(For Molotov); ==Credits== AG-w^(o.O)s, Richard, The Hanged Man. ==Info== The Biochemical Grenade and Dragon...
UG Pack
Collection by: Milky
For you Michael... <3 fuck you
Halo Conversion Pack
Collection by: ۞ [デイズ] Azami_HD
This pack will convert your game into a halo like universe, by replacing most of the models found within the game. None of these skins/models are mine, so please give credit to those who made them Hope you enjoy, and Happy Hunting!
Headshot Paradise - L4D2 crosshair collection
Collection by: Quenelle. L4D2 cstm cmpgns grp
Collection of all the crosshairs i made. They are made to aim more accuratly and comfortably, especialy when playing on high resolutions. With thoose crosshairs headshots are more reliable and easier. People interrested in minimal UI/HUD will also be h...
IMI Mini Uzi Revisited
Collection by: tu stultus es
This collection contain all items related to the "IMI Mini Uzi Revisited" mods, including the weapons themselves and their respective HUD icons. Credits: Mini Uzi model - Schmung, modderfreak Silencer model - Syncing Flashlight assets - VALVe Tex...
L4D1/2 Helmet Voice Filters
Collection by: Jon-Nobo
A collection of all the Helmet Voice Filter packs I've made, for ease of download.
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