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L4D2 Best mods
Collection by: Anna Radulski
GabeN's mods
Collection by: GabeN
All of my mods - some conflict, so just choose your favorite.
Lan Party Collection
Collection by: Shade32
you faggots will like this
Collection by: BillyScroteGruff
this is mods for me friends to play with me
[L4D2] Can't Stop Laughing Collection
Collection by: #RememberingLeeKuanYew.SG
Just a collection of mods that will make your L4D2 experience more amusing. Enjoy
Gala collection
Collection by: ⏵⏸⏹⏮⏪⏩⏭⏏
Guns HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for guns.
Hastings Mods
Collection by: Hastings
It has stuff that I like
L4D2 HD/Reskin Overhaul
Collection by: [ELITE]DemonKing352™
This collection includes retextures for almost every weapon includeing guns and melee also hud icons for the reskins and HD character reskins, tranluesent heelicopter glass and a growing amount of HD textures for maps. All of the credits for these mods go...
Left 4 Dead 1 weapon animations collection
Collection by: Slartibartfast
A pack of all Left 4 Dead 1 weapon animations avaliable on the workshop Enjoy!
Fuji's Zombie Time, Mk. IV
Collection by: Fuji
Titanfall HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for Titanfal weapons.
Tricky's Melee Weapons
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
Katana ... Lightsaber... Bats ... Guitars
Halo HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for Halo weapons.
Neptuna 2
Collection by: Smug Ice Cream
Neptunia swimsuit character set
Melee HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for melee weapons.
Wølfi's favorites 'Five Nights at Freddys' Addons for L4D2
Collection by: Wølfi's Inkompetenz
My personal favorite FNaF Addons for L4D2. Feel free to use this Collection. I hope you will enjoy it ^w^ IMPORTANT: I don't made any of these Addons! Please visit the site of the real creators to say 'Thank you'.
Cyrus' Fuck House
Collection by: Baby Babu
This is gonna be bad
Collection of mods i use...
Collection by: Def Jam: sp1nn3rs
Here are my mods that I currently use on L4D2
dla znajomego kutasa
Collection by: Diamond Sound~TF2 LFF
L4D2 misc.
Collection by: Dr. Paradox
best L4D2 items around
Left 4 Bones
Collection by: GAMEBOYATTACK
Combichrist Tank Music
Collection by: Мышка
Combichrist Tank Music
Samuel's Other Toybox
Collection by: ☀Sun God☀
just a collection
Collection by: scottekken
not good at descrptions
Left 5 dead 3
Collection by: xjcforeverx1
Helms Deep Ultimate Collection
Collection by: ☣ GravnHD ☣
This collection is the ultimate collection of the addons that I use while playing on Helms Deep map. This collection is based in Lord of the Rings. The special infecteds models have nothing to do with Lord of the rings but i couldn't find a better model a...
L4D Солянка For Friends
Collection by: Yuki-king
Для моих друзей
Halo 4 Weps and stuff
Collection by: Osama Bin Laden
BF3 in LFD2
Collection by: javidg96
BF3 add-ons.
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