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Team Fortress 2 Grenade Launcher Package
Collection by #trigger_hurt
The workshop collection for all of the Grenade Launcher replacements I've made.
AGentleman's Left 4 Dead Survivor Mods
Collection by AGentleman
This is a collection for all my Telltale related mods, mostly Walking dead Charactersbut also even Custom Telltale characters. It will also include sound packs for survivors too, eventually. ---------------------------------------------------------------...
White weapons
Collection by hazy
White White White :D
Battle Droid Mayhem
Collection by Demonic Labrys
L4D2 mods that contain the B1 Battle droids :D
[Alexo] Armas de fogo
Collection by Alexo
Todas as armas de fogo.
Spooky scary modpack
Collection by The happy cat-owner
Even after death, the war continues. In this collection, you are the 4 chosen ones, destined to fight the army of skeletons in the skeleton war. Do you have what it takes?
The Hatzil
Collection by Feminine Eminem
If your dad's not a teaspoon, You should get this
L4D Doodle Portraits
Collection by Brawlin Bert
Survivor and Infected doodle portraits that replace the default portraits that appear next to the health bars.
Richard's Pistol Weapons Collection
Collection by Richard
==Items== 1.Dual Berettas Pistols(For Dual Pistols); 2.HK USP-S Silenced Pistol(For Pistol Magnum); 3.Desert Eagle Pistol(For Pistol Magnum); 4.Golden Revolver(For Pistol Magnum); ==Credits== Arby, Arby26, DoingGreat!, Lt. Rocky, Richard, Thanez, ...
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