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[L4D2] HD Texture pack
Collection by: Sauced by ? Crysa;D!
HD Texture pack for L4D2 ! Items, weapons, zombies, and more... ;)
Bran Flakes sir
Collection by: OddRobb
This is the stuffing.
Collection by: Ryosuke ϟ
Maggot store.
Glow in the Dark (Melee weapon pack)
Collection by: 휴휴
Glow in the Dark (Melee weapon pack) I think it is much more usable in realism mode or addon map which is too dark to find the items. I will add another melee weapons as soon as possible.
L4D2: Realistic Edition
Collection by: Davoss
For the ultimate realistic feel of L4D2, use either mods from my 'HD textures' collection or my 'L4D2: Improved Vanilla Edition' collection to enhance the textures of the world around you! L4D2 is unrealistic. The infected are bland, weapons have an ok...
L4D2: Improved Vanilla Edition
Collection by: Davoss
Have you ever wanted to play L4D2, but with mods? Did you want those mods to change the game, but keep it original? Then this collection is for you! This pack contains mods that change mods in the SLIGHTEST to give it an all new, yet familiar perspect...
Bully Mod Collection
Collection by: ✳~Voltaic da Festive Wolfy~✳
These are all the Bully Mods for Left 4 Dead 2. If any of you would like to make your own Bully mods so I can add to this collection, please do. Here are some mods that should be made to fit this collection: -Jimmy Hopkins replacement for Ellis -Jo...
Weapon Mods
Collection by: Ͼ๏๏קєг
My favs
Collection by: Crazy4Ever
Giveing you some cool Healthbars
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