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Collection by: 9lives--
Gloryblazers Weird Pack of Unrelated Modifications
Collection by: Kerosene-Powered Cheese Grater
A collection of completely dissimilar mods arranged in a nonsequitous manner. Built by a group of weird friends. Don't download this.
Only the Best
Collection by: Morgan FREEDOM
Greetings! I've compiled this collection of only the best mods in an attempt to make L4D2 look and play the very best it possibly can, while still maintaining a mostly vanilla athstetic. It there are any errors or conflicts, please do report them so I can...
Fucking finally
Collection by: Chuck "The Man" Custodian
MLG Funtimes
Collection by: Bleep911
Spooky Scary Skeletons
Collection by: LabRat
Some time in the 6th century an organisation called the Knights Of Glory was created to defeat man's greatest enemy, that enemy is the skeletons. Years have past and this hidden war was fought between them but now in (Insert Year here) man's greatest enem...
Boom$t!ck's L4D2 Mod Collection
Collection by: Boom$t!ck
This collection contains several skin and sound mods as well as an HD world texture mod. This combination works well together! HD Texture Pack HD User Interface (supports high end resolutions without pixel effect) Cinematic Lighting Mod Improved Wat...
Collection by: CaptainMexico
lets go dingdong ditching
Collection by: officialarmy_hero16
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