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Real World Ammunition (Advance Version)
Collection by: XxEeNnXxEeIi
IMPORTANT!!! : If you're local host and other player can't join in your started game JUST OUT AND CREATE AGAIN!!!. !!!THIS VERSION FOR EXPERIENCE PLAYER!!! NOW!!! Version 1.02 -Change overall accuracy , recoil to the NEW THEORY for make different...
Real World Ammunition (Standard Version)
Collection by: XxEeNnXxEeIi
IMPORTANT!!! : If you're local host and other player can't join in your started game JUST OUT AND CREATE AGAIN!!!. NOW!!! Version 1.02 -Change overall accuracy , recoil to the NEW THEORY for make different and Balance and reaism all of ammunition. ...
Secret Agent Zoey Collection
Collection by: |NMRiH Dev| Lt. Rocky
All three variants of the Secrent Agent Zoey project from myself.
Death Aboard 2
Collection by: Ʌɱєtһyѕt ℛυƅʏ™
*.*.*.*CREDITS FOR MAKING THIS AMAZING CAMPAIGN GOES TO DIPUTS! *.*.*.* Collection containing all items needed for the campaign: Death Aboard 2. YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OF THE PARTS IN ORDER FOR THE CAMPAIGN TO WORK!
Yuzzo's Halo collection
Collection by: Yuzzo il Bordeggiante
I made this collection to include all those mods based on halo that feel the most immersive and that can make the Left 4 Dead experience the closest to an odissey set in the Halo universe. Most of what is included is based on my personal taste, but i tri...
The Ultimate Halo Collection [UHC]
Collection by: Hot Coffee
--------------------------------------------------- THE ULTIMATE HALO COLLECTION --------------------------------------------------- Description: Here is all you need for a Halo themed Left 4 Dead 2 playthrough. Some weapons and infected are not a...
Popular Addons
Collection by: ∆ⓏΣ℟◯∆ マーカス
Hello Guys I'm making a collection of mods I DO NOT OWN but the're popular!
Left 4 Dead 2 Realism
Collection by: Akillero
A collection that it has good stuff.
BTB's Call of Duty weapon mods
Collection by: xXx_B4r1sDaBl4d3_xXx
Just collected here my call of duty related weapon mods
Get Gud
Collection by: Fiddler
go away
GoldenEye (Wii) Weapon Sounds
Collection by: CyberMan1011
This collection inlcudes various sound mods (made by me) that replace the firing sounds of the L4D2 weapons with firing sounds from several weapons in the GoldenEye (Wii) game. Due to the fact that the sound files for the weapons could not be accessed ...
FunnY BonE
Collection by: SoS_Happy
For people who are tired of hearing or seeing the same thing in every level.
Cike's Epic Collection
Collection by: Cike
Lefd 4 dead Children
Collection by: [CeSp]~LoGaN~
Joder a la people
Collection by: NuRoFeN/47RUS
Meine tolle Kollektion
Collection by: ツ Der Boy ist fresh ツ
Die ist seht toll
Davo's prefered mods collection
Collection by: Davo
Just a collection of mods that I use in my free time playing Left 4 Dead 2. I like my mods to be realistic and cool. Not too far-fetched, not too basic, but just... real. But because of my mid-end PC, I can't download all those game-enhancing mods (lik...
Collection by: LionzZ
kush halt .....
Demon's Quick Fix
Collection by: Demon Games
It's just a quick fix.
Collection by: bm6
Игра в HD формате
Collection by: ProRash☆NeneroG
Качественные работы, не портящие атмосферу игры, а так же не меняющие не чего, кроме текстур и анимаций. Всё проверено. Если какие то плагины...
Collection by: SUP_Sonic
本包包括: 1、索尼克的Nick替换模型。 2、马里奥的Ellis替换模型。 3、初音的Rochelle替换模型。 4、蝙蝠侠的Coach替换模型。
Les armes, c'est rigolo !
Collection by: #H.G | Bang[FR]
Les armes, c'est rigolo ! (Aucun plagia a South Park n'est fait) C'est pourquoi, une collection avec plein de skins s'arme, (De bonne qualitée) ba c'est rigolo pour aller maltraité du Zombie ! Bref, une collection ajoutent quelques skins d'armes et d'ob...
Collection by: JakeTheAssassin
Heavy metal Doom Quake HUE BR
Collection by: Phantom Cancer
Jebi Metal for the win
Resident evil super duper archi mega ultra pack
Collection by: Phantom Cancer
Resident evil super duper archi mega ultra pack Extra mods: HUD: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/6161 Louis: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9008 Nick, Coach, Ellis, Rochelle: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9217 Zoey: http://www.gam...
[L4D2] Personal Christmas Collection
Collection by: FestiveMikeComics ˙ ͜>˙
A small collection of Christmas themed workshop mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
The Walking Dead
Collection by: AC1D4T3D
Left 4 Dead Remake HD Textures - Left 4 Dead Texturas Remake HD
Collection by: XMatepoX
----------------------------- README! - ¡LEER! ----------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- English --------------------------------------------------------------- This collection is aimed at peopl...
The Sillifying Collection!
Collection by: Bondee
First of all, if you wish to help making things for the project, or wish to add one of your items to it, please send me a friend request on Steam, I'll make sure to answer asap. (Image is for illustrative(?) purposes, dont take anything in it for granted...
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