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Collection by mount
Collection by Admiral Feels
Natural Selection 2 mods
Collection by Private-_-Jokerr
These are all the mods I have or wish to put on Natural Selection 2.
DCDs Purple Weapon Pack
Collection by TAW| DCDarkling
Purple weapons. Either all purple or part not. If a weapon is not in the list, its on the todo list.
Combat Mode
Collection by EagleVision
Combat Mode
Collection by Cork-Nut
natural selection 2
Collection by VIPER112
stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuf for ns2
Ultimate NS2 Mod collection
Collection by basedgodKaiju
Badge Mod
Collection by Huze
1° Coleção
Collection by gustavoall1
Back to the roots (NS1 models for NS2)
Collection by XNovaCore
Collection by DexterDanielA
suits.. just suits.
NS murds
Collection by Zombie Mom
"Describe your collection" "Use this space to describe your collection and what makes it interesting." -Steam gurms. WORKS CITED 2013 Valve Corporation.
ZiP' Crosshairs - V1.0
Collection by Z!P
Simple crosshair. Very thin. V1.0 Add simple line, red when hits, it is usefull for gorge to know when hydra are hitting some marines, even if gorge is far way. Why simple line ? because same cross is used by fade, lerk, and onos (1st attack) and cut...
natural selection
Collection by Zerg
Planetside NS Kit
Collection by MisterGee
Cool Skins to give it a PS2 NC feel
Raneman's Curated Map Picks
Collection by Rane 🍔🍟🍧
A list of picks curated by me. Only the best maps, in my opinion, will make this list.
Collection by Sky
Visual cosmetic mods for the better atmosphere and ofc some for gameplay. Removed from collection with 237: -FlashLite -Gunslinger Aliens Infestation
The mods I use
Collection by a cute little anal bead
What I use
collection #1
Collection by Reekah
A collection, nice to have!
Collection by kokkenヤギ全一
Maddo03's Personal Collection
Collection by Maddo03
My personal collection of mods that make this game that much better.
JAT1M's NS2 Addons
Collection by NL • JAT1M
Some addons to improve the gameplay
Collection by ☤Secret Taco MCA☤
Collection of Crosshairs i created.
Pinworm's NS2 Mods
Collection by Pinworm
A collection of practical and cosmetic mods I use.
ReadyRoom Servers Mods
Collection by DaLaw
These mods are all required to play on the ReadyRoom servers Visit for the South Africa Natural Selection 2 community for news, tournaments and discussions.
Mweb Server Mod Suggestions South Africa
Collection by lolz-_-Vsdgkk
Skaedrellian Experiment #213 (ALIENS-themed Pack)
Collection by Salvage (Springinator)
(This is an aliens-themed package containing everything I could find for the ALIENS franchise fanatic (but not to interject with the USMC pack) along with a small story, If you can find more, please leave a comment on my steam profile. Tanks. For more USM...
Collection by ♥ҒĿuҲ♥
Special Edition crosshairs, my flagship crosshairs recently publically made, previously friend's only. Look for more colours to come!
My mods for me do not install
Collection by Firebonds [Michel Ney]
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