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The UI and Kharaa complimentary textures pack. Custom mix.
Collection by: Torm
This is a mix of my favourite textures for Kharaa with improved crosshairs and UI symbols. I tried to find a balance of the best looking Alien textures that compliment each other without making the aliens too hard to see. I hope you enjoy my choices.
NS2 Basics Pack
Collection by: Medowar
Basic Mods for NS2
Holiday Server Mods
Collection by: aeroripper
Made a collection of NS2 Christmas mods to choose from, all in one place. Let me know if you know of more. Enjoy!
-=spAwns=- NS2 Mod Mix
Collection by: -=spAwn=-
My favorite mods for my latest addiction Natural Selection 2. So you ever want to delete mods you don't like or start clean in game? This is what I did --> 1. Exit Natual Selection 2 .. (keep in mind the mods you want to remove) 2. In the Steam applic...
MTK - Modders Tool Kit for NS2
Collection by: Soul Rider
This is a collection of code bits for modders called the Modders ToolKit. It is designed to help modders make mods quicker by sharing code that modders may want to use. Each section is released individually, so they can be downloaded separately, or thro...
Mik NS2 - Maps
Collection by: Mikplayeur Draft Tournament Maps
Collection by: XENOCIDE
A collection of maps that are to be used in the Draft Tournament coming up soon. More details here -
Stuff I've worked on
Collection by:
Natural Selection 2 -Must haves.
Collection by: The Csar
A collection of mods i run for NS2 (non game altering)
Aliens - NS2
Collection by: Yannic J.
In dieser Kollektion werden folgende Dinge zum Thema Aliens zusammengefasst: Soundmod Texturemod(komplette Texturänderung sämtlicher Aliens) garantierte Alien-Stimmung im NS2 Format
Core Mods
Collection by: S33K3R
Core NS2 mods everyone should use!
Core Skins
Collection by: S33K3R
Skins that make the NS2 play experiance go from good to great.
Custom Weapons
Collection by: Nick²
Custom weapons with character. Only for badass veteran marines.
Basic Hosting Utils
Collection by: Calibreeze
Server side apps
Cheebacca's NS2 Collection
Collection by: =BDP=_Cheebacca
Model Replacements
NS2 mods
Collection by: Cleanicus
NS2 Addons I Like
Collection by: ItaKun
Optional packs to also choose
Collection by: ItaKun
Some other packs I like but not the ones I primarily use
Slow's Favourite Mods
Collection by: MrSlow
This is just a collection of mods i think everybody should at least try.
Collection by: Waitumus
Vanu Sovereignty
Collection by: Bench125
Vanu sovereignty skin like items. Makes character look like a PLanetside 2 operative
Bikimini's NS2 Mods
Collection by: Bikimini
The mods I'm using in NS2. So. Yeah. You should use them too, maybe? They're all related to the "Aliens" movie motion picture that you may have heard of. Trademark and copyright whoever. Fox, I guess. Download it!
Le repaire du Lerk
Collection by: \LFO/ Xydion
Mods et scripts appliqués sur le serveur Natural Selection 2 "[FR] Le repaire du Lerk - NO ROOKIE - NS2Stats"
FLuX's Crosshair Packs.
Collection by: ♥ҒĿuҲ♥
All my crosshair files i've released for natural selection 2.
Mik NS2 - Marines Skins
Collection by: Mikplayeur
hogehige recommended
Collection by: LD| hogehige
Mik NS2 - All
Collection by: Mikplayeur
Extended Consistency Checking
Collection by: NS2S - Tempest
This is a compliation of all the parts of the Extended Consistency Checking mod - There are a total of 5 parts. By default the NS2 consistency checking doesn't check any of the models or material files. This is because those files are not included w...
Mik NS2 - UI Elements
Collection by: Mikplayeur
Mik NS2 - HUD Elements & Effects
Collection by: Mikplayeur
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