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Black And Blue
Collection by: Dross
Gets all mods making NS2 Black And Blue
Collection by: sewlek
Natural Selection 2 mod The game has two teams facing off to play in various game modes. Each player can select one of the four classes: Assault, that specializes in dealing and taking damage Medic, who can restore health or just as easily poiso...
NS2 quality improvement mods
Collection by: Samus Orphan Black
These are my collection of mods to improve the quality of the game.
Kouji San's Nostalgia & SE Pack
Collection by: Kouji San
This pack contains Kouji San's: Alien Nostalgia Mod, Marine SE Equipment [FPS] and Marine SE Gloves [FPS] Alien Nostalgia Mod The original aliens: the brown Skulk, the beige Gorge, the grey/brown Lerk, the black Fade and the red/orange Onos are back...
NS2 Bots
Collection by: Knife
A collection of Natural Selection 2 AI Bots
Mini-Map Enhancements
Collection by: Piotr Bot
This collection is for all mods that enhance/change the ingame minimap. Detailed Map Type A --------------------------- Adds detailes to minimaps, like obstacles, blocked passages and zones were players will die. The minimaps in 'Type A' are colore...
Max suit
Collection by: walther2920
Heres the Max suit from the game Planetside 2. features -Heavy armor -Heavy weapon -And jumps high
Collection by: TonyTheShovel
Here is a collection of all the Urban Camo textures.
Old MLP Skin collection
Collection by: ~Strawberry
Some skins I made when NS2 was first released publicly on steam.
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