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Collection by: [HS] Viper
A Ranbom collektion
Collection by: XerioZ | Yu Narukami-out-
Skaedrellian Experiment #213 (ALIENS-themed Pack)
Collection by: Not a resident of Pirate Cove
(This is an aliens-themed package containing everything I could find for the ALIENS franchise fanatic (but not to interject with the USMC pack) along with a small story, If you can find more, please leave a comment on my steam profile. Tanks. For more USM...
natural selection
Collection by: Zerg
MTK - Modders Tool Kit for NS2
Collection by: Soul Rider
This is a collection of code bits for modders called the Modders ToolKit. It is designed to help modders make mods quicker by sharing code that modders may want to use. Each section is released individually, so they can be downloaded separately, or thro...
NS Kollektion
Collection by: @M@$TER☢
Old MLP Skin collection
Collection by: Xenophobia
Some skins I made when NS2 was first released publicly on steam.
Bikimini's NS2 Mods
Collection by: Bikimini
The mods I'm using in NS2. So. Yeah. You should use them too, maybe? They're all related to the "Aliens" movie motion picture that you may have heard of. Trademark and copyright whoever. Fox, I guess. Download it!
Hell's Army
Collection by: Potato McBeerDrink
NS2 Improved
Collection by: Potato McBeerDrink
Skins and Hunter
Collection by: SmallBig
VEry very very old skins and good
Battle Royale Pack!
Collection by: inveigle
My favorite mods to date that make playing this fine game all the better.
Natural Selection 2 fps boost
Collection by: Vuvo
Mods to improve your fps All mods by aeroripper
ENSL Custom Map Rotation S4
Collection by: AliceChild
Aliens - NS2
Collection by: Yannic
In dieser Kollektion werden folgende Dinge zum Thema Aliens zusammengefasst: Soundmod Texturemod(komplette Texturänderung sämtlicher Aliens) garantierte Alien-Stimmung im NS2 Format
NSL Custom Map Cup Jan 2014
Collection by: Simba
NSL Custom Map Cup Jan 2014
Collection by: Simba Draft Tournament Maps
Collection by: Xenophobia
A collection of maps that are to be used in the Draft Tournament coming up soon. More details here -
dottel NS3 stuffz
Collection by: .L
Collection by: Bear Stroud
Collection by: mount
Natural Selection 2 mods
Collection by: Private-_-Jokerr
These are all the mods I have or wish to put on Natural Selection 2.
Natural Selection 2
Collection by: [ ]
Cheebacca's NS2 Collection
Collection by: =BDP=_Cheebacca
Model Replacements
Max suit
Collection by: walther2920
Heres the Max suit from the game Planetside 2. features -Heavy armor -Heavy weapon -And jumps high
Holiday Server Mods
Collection by: aeroripper
Made a collection of NS2 Christmas mods to choose from, all in one place. Let me know if you know of more. Enjoy!
NS2 quality improvement mods
Collection by: Samus Orphan Black
These are my collection of mods to improve the quality of the game.
Collection by: sewlek
Natural Selection 2 mod The game has two teams facing off to play in various game modes. Each player can select one of the four classes: Assault, that specializes in dealing and taking damage Medic, who can restore health or just as easily poiso...
Le repaire du Lerk
Collection by: \LFO/ Xydion
Mods et scripts appliqués sur le serveur Natural Selection 2 "[FR] Le repaire du Lerk - NO ROOKIE - NS2Stats"
Stuff I've worked on
Collection by:
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